Meal Planning Monday

I’ve just discovered this meme and what a great way to stick to a meal plan (saving money and waste – for more ideas see My Zero Waste) and to get fresh ideas.

The link up is at Home with Mrs M

Monday Lasagne
My son gets the school bus home and there’s no extra activity between 2-7pm. This is currently the children’s favourite and featured in our diets a lot!

I've made a batch lot so there's some to freeze for next week

Tuesday Chicken in White Wine Sauce
This time I used the bones from the roast chicken and threw in any veg and apples past their best. I made the sauce up in advanced as the swimming lessons go on until 5pm (and then we have to get home).

Wednesday There’s a party so party food for my youngest. I have cheated and bought a chicken curry for my husband and oldest to put in the oven (after school activities start an hour after the party finishes).

Thursday Nightmare day. Oldest son gets home approximately an hour before swimming so doesn’t like to eat, second son has cubs which doesn’t finish until 7:30. Youngest 3 are having chicken nuggets, spaghetti and pasta. Myself, husband and oldest son will have beef casserole (tub up from a batch cook).

Friday It has to be fish/fish finger and chips night (with beans/spaghetti).

Saturday shepherds pie.

Sunday Roast beef dinner.

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