How to do Disney World on a Budget

drink at disney park

One of my most popular posts is How to do Disneyland Paris on a Small Budget  and so it makes perfect sense that some of you may fancy knowing How to do Disney World on a Budget too. Emma, who blogs at EmmaDrew.Info (which is all about ways to make money, save money and live … Read more

How to Visit Italy on a Budget

Italy on a budget

Regular readers will know that I like to get the most out of my money and when I first took a look at travelling to Italy I knew it was going to cost more than our usual holidays. Still determined to get the costs down I had a look into ways to make it cheaper. … Read more

DIY Bathroom Redesign on a Budget

Bathroom on a Budget

If you read my previous post on DIY Bathroom Redesign you will know that we didn’t really have a choice about replacing our bath because it leaked and water went through the ceiling! Not being able to afford to plan a budget for the bathroom (because there was no way we could save that amount … Read more

How to do Disneyland Paris on a Small Budget

How to do Disneyland Paris on a Small Budget

Disneyland Paris – The Magic is Much Cheaper than you Think I have just visited Disneyland Paris again during our visit to France. It was a full day in the park. We arrived there a little bit later than I would have liked (ie not as soon as the park opened) but left at midnight. … Read more

Moving House Who to Tell Check List

Well it’s getting closer and looks like we are finally buying our first house and moving! (So please feel free to help promote my poor blog and posts whilst I’m too busy lol – and thank you). We have moved a lot before but this is the first time it will be ours. What I … Read more

Money Saving ideas you Should Know About

gas hob

With the cost of living going up then a lot of us are looking for money saving ideas. My first thoughts were to delete Fortnite and shower at the gym but then I thought that people may need some serious ideas. Cut back on your Gas & Electricity Bill If you aren’t already on a … Read more

Meal Planning Monday

I’ve just discovered this meme and what a great way to stick to a meal plan (saving money and waste – for more ideas see My Zero Waste) and to get fresh ideas. The link up is at Home with Mrs M Monday Lasagne My son gets the school bus home and there’s no extra … Read more

Meal on a Budget – Lasagne

Money can be a bit tight and especially in these tough times, and just in case you didn’t know how to do a lasagne on the cheap I thought I’d share. Brown the mince (I usually cook with onions at this point but we’d run out) Bulk out with some carrots – I boil these … Read more