LOVE-ly ideas for Kids

There’s nothing better than children being creative and I love visiting RedTedArt for a bit of inspiration. I am lucky enough that Maggy has put together some great preschooler friendly crafts for you this Valentine’s day. Plus you can find even more age appropriate Valentine’s day crafts in RedTedArt’s blog under Valentines crafts for preschoolers. Now, pick one (or more) crafts to make with your kids from these 10 easy and fun ideas!valentines kids craft ideas

  1. RedTedArt adores toilet roll holder crafts! Why not keep the recycle bin emptier on the run up to Valentine’s day and create as many as possible and make all different love bugs! They are so adorable! Kids use them for pretend play and played with them for hours after we made them!
  2. Paper plate crafts are easy and quite cheap to make. RedTedArt has a whole collection of different paper plate twirlers created up to date, and has added another with Valentine’s day theme! Love bugs paper plate twirler will happily decorate your home or classroom as Valentine’s day approaches!
  3. You can get the children practising their fine motor skills by lacing with a piece of yarn through little holes (which can be quite challenging for little hands!) with the paper plate heart sewing craft. This is perfect for an introduction to sewing too.
  4. Also yarn wrapped hearts also involve quite a lot of fine motor practice as kids work on wrapping yarn pieces around heart shapes to create a finished craft. Pick one color or multi-color yarn from your stash and get on crafting!
  5. In every home, if there are kids, you can find broken crayons! It comes with territory, as something unavoidable! You can use a stash of broken crayons to create lovely crayon heart suncatchers. They will look lovely decorating windows around Valentine’s day.valentines kids crafts
  6. Help kids make these super cute and easy Valentine’s day treat boxes in heart shapes! Stuffed heart Valentines are truly easy to make, and you can reuse child’s artwork from previous crafting sessions to make them. What is your choice for Valentine’s day treat to place inside?
  7. Making Valentine’s day mailbox is as easy as picking a cereal box from your recycle bin! Pick a box, decorate it with kids and let them make their little messages of love to send to someone in your family or a friend in the classroom!
  8. If you have toddlers, put together this lovely Valentine’s day discovery box for them. It’s really simple to make, and they will have fun spotting and finding faces of their favorite people inside the discovery bin!
  9. Raid you stash! Get all those pieces of paper, fabric, yarn and other scraps you stashed away, and invite kids to make Valentine’s day textured art piece! Really simple craft with lots of gluing and cutting lets kids explore textures with their fingers and eyes.
  10. You need something quick to come up with to keep kids busy and happily crafting? Pick a free printable template for Heart tree craft and let kids enjoy creating their own love trees and coloring the message on top of the paper. They can even add a name to each of the hearts to make it even more personal!


From art to free printable templates, RedTedArt has hearts in all shapes and colors, love bugs, mailboxes and treat boxes. Getting you covered and ready for Valentine’s day! Hope you enjoyed this selection and found a perfect craft to try with your kids. You can always find even more ideas on the blog for easy kids crafts! Enjoy the time spending crafting, bonding and creating new memories!

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