Give Dad A Unique Treat For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the one day every year when we stop and reflect on our dads. We think of all the hard work they put into providing for us.

We remember all the times they spent with us, teaching us and protecting us. We happily reminisce of that time when we were watching them work on their dream hobby garage. We can relive the excitement of the first time they took us fishing.

Whether you are an adult preparing for the big day, or you are the mother of his children, helping the kids make it special, you will have loads of fun with this idea.Gone Fishing Candy Table

Gone Fishing Candy Table

This can be set up as a candy buffet or as a dessert table. You will need a good online candy supplier. You can get information right here. Either way, it is a sweet way to acknowledge dad’s special day. The theme for your table is fishing. Cover your table.

Consider these options:

  • Green cloth, with a picnic style table-cloth, draped across (the corner of the cloth will hang down as a V in the front of the table)
  • Artificial grass mat (these are inexpensive at department stores)
  • Butcher paper that the children have colored blue (water) with pictures of fish inside
  • Use an umbrella stand or large jar behind the table and put fishing poles inside. Place a coat rack next to the fishing poles to hang his fishing vest, cap or fishing hat, anything else he uses (like his lucky shirt) To fill in empty spots place, thermos, sunglasses, sunscreen, or OFF bug repellent.
  • Use a new plastic tackle box (lined with plastic wrap inside and opened) as your centerpiece. In some of the trays place gummy worms and gummy bugs and place a small sign reading “bait”. In the lower tray, place gummy fish, Swedish fish, and a sign that reads “minnows”. If you have room, add some large gumballs or ring candy and a sign that reads “sinkers”.
  • At one end of the table, prepare a picnic basket. Fill it with containers (that are lower than the rim of the basket. Fill the containers with different candy. Add tall candy to give the basket a messy look. This can include lollipops, Nerds ropes, rock candy sticks, whips and stick candy. Tuck napkins around the basket to cover any containers that may show through.
  • At the other end of the table, place a small, portable ice chest with a sign reading “FISH”. Instead of fish, add a small amount of water and a few drops of blue food coloring to make it look pretty. Inside place a bottle from each child (or adult child) with a note in the bottle. This is where each person can express their love and best wishes to dad.

Gone Fishing Candy Table

Use small mason jars to add other candy favorites to the table just to fill in spots. Consider adding a bowl of chips or pretzels to add some salty food to the mix.

That’s all there is to it. You have the perfect candy table for your fisherman dad or husband. He will love it and so will all the guests enjoying the treats with him. The children in the group will be thrilled. Plan on having some small treat bags so guests can take some of the candy with them when they leave. Also make sure you have tongs or large spoons to remove the candy from the containers.

Please note: Father’s day falls in a month that is very warm in most places. Ordering chocolate will probably cost extra due to the care needed in shipping so it will not melt. You will also need to have a cool place to store it when it arrives. It may be a better idea to plan for other types of candy for this project.

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  1. Oh that’s such a sweet idea! I love any gifts that are personal, made by you or have a bit of extra thought put into them – that’s what gifts are all about after all.


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