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You may have noticed that I’ve not been participating in things as much (or you may not), I’m still on Twitter. Basically February is awful for me. No matter how much I try I get really depressed. I focus on my children, the wonderful things I have in my life, try improve my diet, positive thoughts, etc, etc, but nothing can pull me out of the depressive hole that February sucks me into. The reason is because it is 14 years since my Mom died this month. In another 14 years I will be the same age as she was when she had her life taken away from her. I guess I’m really angry.

Anyway, sorry I digress. I was having a particularly bad day – the type when you cannot move from where you are sitting, and could happily just go to sleep for forever, and thought that getting out the house would help. I mean it was also half term and not at all healthy for my children to have me like this.

I remembered this Treasure Hunt idea and thought this was a possibility. I asked my 5 year old to get his 9 year old brother to help him make a list of “treasures” we could find outside – that he could draw them if it were easier. They made this “map”


We had a treasure chest from a Pirate dressing up – made from an old jewellery box


Luckily I’d just bought two of my sons new hat and gloves, you may notice the one that did have a full set has then lost a glove *sigh*


They very excitedly ran across the mud in search of treasures


The oldest of the 3 organised it and they took it in turns to find each object on their list.

Whilst having fun running up and down muddy, wet hills.


And a fair bit of falling over into muddy puddles


And getting stuck in the mud


They really enjoyed finding – a stone, a stick, a leaf, some grass and a flower (which was harder to find than they thought and it ended up being a daisy)


They had been bickering indoors so it was lovely to hear them co-operating


They then had a quick go on the park


But it was wet, slippy and very cold so we didn’t stay long

diveslideAnd they let the youngest hold the treasure


I do apologise but I cannot remember which blogger I saw this idea from, but they had linked up at Country kids. If it was you just shout and I will link back to said post.

12 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt”

  1. Bless you for coming up with this and taking the boys out when you really didn’t feel like it. Looking back at these photos you should be so proud you did, they look like they are loving it! I am racking my brain now too for the original idea, it was a couple of weeks ago and I have made a note to try it too!

  2. i had noticed that you hadnt joined in for a couple of weeks i am so sorry lovely (hugs)
    i keep promising Burton that we will do a treasure hunt as soon as it is nice enough – yours has reminded me!! what a lovely map designed by your 9 year old and it looks like a lovely time was had by all. well worth the effort to get out x x

  3. ah what an awful time you had, no wonder February is a tough month for you! It looks like you had a lovely time on the treasure hunt, even if your a glove down. Sending hugs x

  4. Yes! I have seen lots of variations of this idea! As soon as my wee man gets old enough we are going on a treasure hunt! I love how it got your boys working together!

  5. What a brilliant idea for a treasure hunt, I normally think of the conventional follow the clue and use the map to find the next item on the list, but this is so much easier for young pirates!

    Nipping over from Country Kids


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