Halloween Holidays

PYO Pumpkins

It’s been a busy old week which started off with me being really ill, this meant that I was not able to do much on Monday. Tuesday we put to good use my youngest’s visual aid book, trying to recreate the school day as close as possible (we even put in a milk break and … Read more

The Brook Kids Outdoors

The Brook Kids Outdoors

I really don’t know where time is running away to. We had such a packed summer that I really never got around to blogging about hardly any of it. It was nice that both me and the boys were away from the computers. Do you remember my very organised friend Kate who organised a bug … Read more

Snowy Spring Days at the Park

There’s nothing like a trip to the park in the holidays Even with very few places to hide, the boys still managed to have a fun game of hide and seek. Notice how they are refusing to wear their hats and gloves – saying it’s not cold!!! And of course it is always a useful … Read more

Treasure Hunt

You may have noticed that I’ve not been participating in things as much (or you may not), I’m still on Twitter. Basically February is awful for me. No matter how much I try I get really depressed. I focus on my children, the wonderful things I have in my life, try improve my diet, positive … Read more

Getting outdoors with the kids

It’s really dark this time of year quiet early on in the day. Luckily we have reflective jackets, which are compulsory when driving in France. So we decided to take the children out on their bikes (and scooter). Our 9 year old is just getting to grips with a bike bicycle. And of course a … Read more

Kids outside – chopped up trees

Things have been really busy at the moment. So when we have been getting out I’ve not really been taking photos. Daddy took them out on their bikes last week and it’s difficult to keep them all balanced and to take piccies lol. Tomorrow we are off to Drayton Manor so hopefully there will be … Read more

Holland – The Beach

You may have noticed that we really enjoyed our holiday to Duinrell in Holland. Of course a holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without a trip to the beach! We knew it was a bit of a walk to the beach And there were lots of clear cycle paths it turned out to be about 5km! … Read more

Holland – The Go Karts

You may have noticed that we really enjoyed our holiday to Duinrell in Holland. One of the main things I liked about it was the fact that normally we are a very technology minded family, who, probably is always glued to an i-gadget or laptop spends a little too much time inside than outdoors, and this holiday … Read more

An Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk @Pinkoddy

With a week off school and not much money, families need to find more thrifty ways of amusing their children. We spent a few hours just walking to the supermarket and back looking at what Mother Nature had to offer during the Autumn season. There were cobwebs And a bee and flowers and blue mushrooms … Read more