Kids outside – chopped up trees

Things have been really busy at the moment. So when we have been getting out I’ve not really been taking photos. Daddy took them out on their bikes last week and it’s difficult to keep them all balanced and to take piccies lol.

climbingoncuttreesTomorrow we are off to Drayton Manor so hopefully there will be some nice kids outside pictures for next week!

In the meantime here’s a lovely picture of my son having fun on some chopped up trees we found – oh the simple things.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

5 thoughts on “Kids outside – chopped up trees”

  1. Oh agreed logs are one of the best things ever! We got a pile of them in June just as school finished & we had planned to move them in September but the children are having so much fun just clambering over them they will stay put! Kierna


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