Snowy Spring Days at the Park

There’s nothing like a trip to the park in the holidays Even with very few places to hide, the boys still managed to have a fun game of hide and seek. Notice how they are refusing to wear their hats and gloves – saying it’s not cold!!! And of course it is always a useful … Read more

Some fresh air

Well no sign of snow here so we walked home from school a few times.   Erm it has rained a bit though and was a tad bit muddy.   There’s new houses been built and my youngest tells me that this is a dinosaur.

Christmas time at ThomasLand

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that my 3rd son (who is 5) has been best mates with a lad since they were around 2 years old. Recently his friend has moved away (last October) and so they no longer see each other. His friend turned 5 … Read more

Kids outside – chopped up trees

Things have been really busy at the moment. So when we have been getting out I’ve not really been taking photos. Daddy took them out on their bikes last week and it’s difficult to keep them all balanced and to take piccies lol. Tomorrow we are off to Drayton Manor so hopefully there will be … Read more

Out and About – The Park

Getting Children Out and About it is very important. They need the exercise and fresh air. The Park is one way to achieve this. It can also give you new things to talk about – which will help increase their language abilities It doesn’t matter about the weather if you just wear appropriate clothesor take … Read more