Some fresh air

Well no sign of snow here so we walked home from school a few times.




Erm it has rained a bit though and was a tad bit muddy.




There’s new houses been built and my youngest tells me that this is a dinosaur.digger

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

7 thoughts on “Some fresh air”

  1. We are just the same, would love some snow here instead of rain! Looks like some welcome fresh air for your kids on the way hone from school. Mine have been coming home and diving on the trampoline in the rain, I think they find sitting down at school after the long break quite a challenge. Thanks for linking up with me.

  2. My wee man likes walking home from nursery…any excuse to not be in the pushchair he takes it! Ours is not as exciting though I’m afraid!


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