Outdoors and Happy – Why Getting Outdoors is Good for you

outdoors and happy

Getting outdoors gives a boost to your mental and physical well-being. To encourage this myself and Becky decided what better Instagram Community to create than one that enjoys getting outdoors and feeling happy. Now over 5,000 pictures have linked up on the #OutdoorsandHappy hashtag on Instagram and the community continues to grow stronger and stronger. … Read more

Pl-ug – Ultimate Den Kit

Pl-ug ultimate den kit review

In the holidays you want something that can entertain the children. We received a Build Your Own Den – Ultimate Den Kit from Pl-ug – the den experts. I had seen them back in January at The Toy Fair London and just knew they would be perfect for my youngest 3 boys. Recommended from age … Read more

A Bug Hunt

 I’m thinking about money saving and environmentally friendly things for families. This week I will share with you our “Bug Hunt,” a great way to get the kids outdoors and helping the kids to consider the environment they live in, and who (or what) they share it with. My very organised friend Kate printed off … Read more

Some fresh air

Well no sign of snow here so we walked home from school a few times.   Erm it has rained a bit though and was a tad bit muddy.   There’s new houses been built and my youngest tells me that this is a dinosaur.

Cotswold Farm Park

Visit the website for information on prices, times, etc here. I have written this post purely because we love it here and not because of any payment/free entry etc. We go there at least once a year if not a couple of times. We organised a trip out and took 4 cars – which included … Read more