Spring and Easter Family Entertainment Ideas

If you’re like me you cannot wait for the next school holidays to spend some quality time with the children. And what a lovely time of year that it is with the arrival of Spring and Easter. Whether its days out together, crafting, cooking or a holiday it really is a special time together.

Getting Outside during Spring and Easter

There’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes, right? But let’s be honest there’s something much more appealing about spring that just makes you want to get outside. Regular readers will know that I have already written about the benefits of getting outdoors and the #outdoorsandhappy community on Instagram; so of course it goes without saying that I think that Getting Outside during Spring and Easter is a really good idea. You can make this creative and fun – such as by making a scarecrow; creating a spring gardenor making use of the Simple Spring Flowers.simple spring flowers

Personally I think it is a great time for a holiday as it’s cheaper and usually reasonable weather (depending on where you go). Last year we went to Italy for Easter which was fantastic, but of course there’s also plenty of great days out over Easter here in the UK, so check out your local area as I am sure there’s lots of great places to go out: Such as National Trust Properties like National Trust Petworth House; and places like Wookey Hole, Cattle country Adventure Parkor even Breakfast with the Eater Bunny at Blooms Garden Centre.Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

Spring and Easter Food Ideas

If the weather isn’t great, or there’s something stopping you from getting outdoors you may want to try out some spring and Easter food ideas. We have been trying to cut back on sugar by making foods that we know are high in sugar a treat only, but what better time of year to have a treat than at Easter. I think that by also making it a fun activity for the children, plus also getting them used to the kitchen and cooking, it makes it even more excusable. We love to make cupcakes and have previously made Easter Egg Cakes so loved these ideas from other bloggers: Simnel cupcakes with a Marzipan Surprise , Creme egg cupcakesEaster Egg Cupcakes, Easter Nest Treats; and for those who need gluten free – gluten free vegan biscuits and gluten free chocolate Easter nests. Or for those of you who want to keep away from the chocolate there’s Hedgehog bread rolls.

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