Easter Chick TRH Craft

Today we made Chicks from TRH (Toilet Roll Holders) as it is the run up to Easter.

First we painted a toilet roll holder yellow, cut it in half and glued on a pipe cleaner as a beak


Glue on the all important googley eyes


Then some feathers


Being careful that you do not knock the eyes and beak off


Then take another pipe cleaner and bend it to make some feet


and sellotape them on (you could glue but this was done with my 9, 5 and 3 year olds)
chickfeetViola and there you have a chick


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5 thoughts on “Easter Chick TRH Craft”

  1. Oh the things you can make with a loo roll if you have a patient mother! Can I send my kids over to you for a fix?


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