Spring Butterfly TRH Craft

Here is a simple Butterfly Craft to make with young children during the Spring. Great for those with short attention spans plus can be used to help with emotions. You can talk about symmetry or the life cycle of a butterfly too.


Making the Spring Butterfly

What You Need

All you need is an old toilet roll holder, some paint, some glue and some bits to stick on. Ideally some eyes, but if not you can just paint them on. Plus something to make its antennae. You can make it as a stand alone art project or as part of the lifecycle of a butterfly. Of course you can swap some of the materials too – like using tissue paper for the wings.

Method of Making the Butterfly

First of all make the middle of the body by simply painting an old toilet roll holder pink. Next to make the butterfly wings we also painted a sheet of white paper pink too. Then I just cut out some wings from it for him.glitterwings

Then I reused some foil cake cases to put in some glue, and glitter, and shapes, plus I gave him some stickers. This let him just be creative.pincergrip

It was also good practise of his fine motor skills and pincer grip.eyes

And of course you can’t beat some googley eyes. Finally not  forgetting  pipe  cleaners  for antennae. Our  older  son  wanted  to  make  it  symmetrical  which  is  more  tricky.antenaeandwings

Special Needs

Our son is most likely Autistic and does not seem to understand emotions. We are working on happy and sad. I drew on a happy face and he was able to tell me the butterfly was happy.butterflytrh

Why we Chose the Butterfly Craft for Our Preschooler

Our Preschooler has a Global Developmental Delay and trouble engaging in activities and keeping his attention. We think he also has sensory processing disorder and likes touch – so when a tiny bit of paint gets on his skin he starts to paint himself. Therefore, I’ve been practising repeating the activity of simply painting a toilet roll holder. Repeating it again at a later date we are using some glue to transform it into something else. We painted this pink TRH at the same time as we made the TRH Bunnies

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  1. Adorable craft and I love the fine motor skill opportunities. Thanks so much for linking up at Discover & Explore this week!

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