Are My Driving Issues Down To Neurodiversity?

There are many factors that contribute to the reason I do not like driving starting with the death of my brother. This may be the reason I struggle with what I believe to be rejection sensitive dysphoria. But can my driving issues be put down to neurodiversity? Mainly I think it is the social interactions … Read more

Autism Too Much Information Campaign

Autism Too Much Information Campaign

When a person is diagnosed with Autism it can open the door for them to better understand themselves, and in turn try to explain to others so that they can better explain too. Holly, aged 12, wanted to explain to her classmates about her Autism and talk openly about it. Along with the National Autistic … Read more

Starting School Fears with #SEN

I should be able to write a post telling you not to worry about your child starting school (like this one): After all this is my fourth time. It was always going to be hard letting go of my very last baby as it was a difficult decision to decide to have no more children … Read more

#Autism Differences & Strategies

April is Autism Awareness We believe that our youngest son has Autism. Whatever it is he needs help. We have just received his final statement. It does not look like he will get into the school of choice unless we have evidence that his main difficulty is in Communication and interaction. As he is going … Read more

School Allocations: With Special Needs #SEN

It was an exciting day as the school allocations arrived, either by e-mail (in the early hours of the morning for the dedicated parents), or by post. LOTS of disappointment this year with some sort of baby boom and people not getting into their first, second, third and even fourth choices! But what they did … Read more

#StGeorge’sDay Red Angry Dragon Craft #Emotions

Nothing says St George’s Day like a Dragon We have been doing some Toilet Roll Holder Craft because my son has a limited concentration span, and I’m trying to encourage expanding this through the use of routine. And also because I like recycling and it has been fun thinking of new ways to recycle them. He has … Read more

The Sad Giraffe

We have been trying to teach our youngest about emotions. Starting with the basics of happy and sad. Our butterfly craft we made as happy and so we made a sad giraffe. He also has limited attention and can be difficult to engage. As he likes routine, I have been concentrating on Toilet Roll Holder Crafts, … Read more

Mark Making with Shaving Foam – Sensory Play

Our son needs to be able to recognise his name so I’ve been doing activities with him to help. It was only at Christmas time that he was able to tell us he knew his name. He’s awaiting a full assessment for Sensory Processing Disorder but I think it’s a given he has it. He … Read more

Spring Butterfly TRH Craft

Here is a simple Butterfly Craft to make with young children during the Spring. Great for those with short attention spans plus can be used to help with emotions. You can talk about symmetry or the life cycle of a butterfly too. Making the Spring Butterfly What You Need All you need is an old … Read more

Paint it Red for Autism

Tuesday 2nd April 2013 World Autism Awareness Day “Autism is much more common than many people think, with over half a million people in the UK having the condition. If you include their families, autism touches the lives of over two million people every day.” (Source The National Autistic Society) I have just quickly put together some … Read more