Mark Making with Shaving Foam – Sensory Play

Our son needs to be able to recognise his name so I’ve been doing activities with him to help. It was only at Christmas time that he was able to tell us he knew his name. He’s awaiting a full assessment for Sensory Processing Disorder but I think it’s a given he has it. He LOVES white stuff (makes him a bit hyper actually) – white playdough, snow, frost etc. So knew he would appreciate shaving foam!

shavingfoamI used a recycled food tray. Not even sure what it was from, I just wash them up and stick them in my cupboard ready for when I find something to use them for. At first I don’t think he was sure of what I was doing.


So I took his hand and guided him into the foam to start making marks.


He soon got stuck in and loved the feel on his skin.


After he’d initially had a play I encouraged him to copy me making lines in the foam.


He could only do vertical lines and not horizontal ones, but I will repeat this with him and work on that.


I showed him his initial and he was able to tell me what it was.

And I was really proud that he was able to draw a circle.

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