Snowy Spring Days at the Park

There’s nothing like a trip to the park in the holidayshiding Even with very few places to hide, the boys still managed to have a fun game of hide and seek.

Notice how they are refusing to wear their hats and gloves – saying it’s not cold!!!balancing And of course it is always a useful place to practise our balancing skills.


Main trouble with our park is the bark.

It’s very old and very dirty.

Especially when it gets wet it is a nightmare.

Currently there is a petition to try to change this so fingers crossed.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

14 thoughts on “Snowy Spring Days at the Park”

  1. I find it impossible to keep gloves on my wee man. it’s a novelty for 5 minutes and then off they come! Hope they fix the bark soon x

  2. aw looks like a good day was had at the park, I also find it impossible to keeps hats and gloves on the kids sometimes even their coats they are always hot.
    Hope the park gets some improvement

  3. good luck with the petition.
    you cannot beat a visit to the park of course with it being the holidays ours gets very busy and its hard to go on anything but its still fun. good balancing too x

  4. I finally found the glove solution this week by putting walking socks on my son’s hands and putting his cost on over the top. He was prepared to tolerate this whereas he has never kept a pair of gloves or mittens on for more than a couple of minutes! Isn’t it amazing how boys just seem to ignore the cold? Lovely to find you on the Coombe Mill Country Kids linky x

  5. It looks a really nice park. Sometimes I find parks in our area are not the best for little people. Yours looks good!

  6. I’ve given up pestering my children to put on coats, scarves etc.. they are obviously warm because they charge around everywhere. Your children looked like they had a great time in the park and good luck with the petition to change the bark! Thanks for linking to Country Kids.

  7. my eldest two never bother much about hats and gloves but my youngest is not made of such sturdy stuff and he would wear his gloves in the middle of summer if he could!

  8. My oldest never wears his gloves – the 4yo however always want his hat and gloves πŸ™‚ Love the balancing photo. Good luck with the petition!

  9. That bark looks shocking! Seems as though they had lots of fun though. Children will enjoy themselves in any old muddy place, won’t they!


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