Active Playtime

Our favourite ways are on our 14ft trampoline, bikes and trips to the park (where sometimes we have people encourage us outdoors by bringing equipment). You can make a trip to the park more exciting by going on a “treasure hunt” (see my post) These are easy ways to slip activity daily into the routine. … Read more

Snowy Spring Days at the Park

There’s nothing like a trip to the park in the holidays Even with very few places to hide, the boys still managed to have a fun game of hide and seek. Notice how they are refusing to wear their hats and gloves – saying it’s not cold!!! And of course it is always a useful … Read more

Duinrell Waasenaar Holland – Parks on Site

I never even realised just how much there was to our holiday in Duinrell, Waassenaar (Holland) until I started going through the photos in order to blog about it. There is no way it could even be done in one post! It was non-stop fun and entertainment from the moment the sun rose until it … Read more

Can I have a P Please

The Letter Learning journey brings us to the Letter P My kids love Pizza, Peas and Pasta for dinner. And of course they loved having Pudding! We have done a lot of Ps because I think there is a lot of good P words – and well mainly it’s been very disruptive with the move … Read more

P is also for Park and Pipe

Our new house isn’t all bad – it is closer to the park and we’ve discovered all children can climb the half-pipe!! Can you caption this?  

Out and About – The Park

Getting Children Out and About it is very important. They need the exercise and fresh air. The Park is one way to achieve this. It can also give you new things to talk about – which will help increase their language abilities It doesn’t matter about the weather if you just wear appropriate clothesor take … Read more