Duinrell Waasenaar Holland – Parks on Site

I never even realised just how much there was to our holiday in Duinrell, Waassenaar (Holland) until I started going through the photos in order to blog about it. There is no way it could even be done in one post! It was non-stop fun and entertainment from the moment the sun rose until it set again. It really catered for all the family from 3 years – to adult (encompassing pre-teens and a teen too).

Our now 5 year old did not want to go home and would quiet happily move to Holland due to this holiday!


The parks were scattered around the site and really close to our accommodation.


Some parts were only meant to be open when the fair was open but there were people using them even after they were meant to be closed.


With such a big age gap between our children a good holiday is one where it caters for all of them.

As you can see our teen definitely didn’t mind joining in with the fun.


Or dad!


And I love the chance to spend quality time together as a family.


And there certainly were plenty of opportunities for it.

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  1. What amazing playparks! Those slides look fantastic, I’d love to have a go with The Boy. Other countries seem to be less tied up in bureaucracy about health and safety than us.

    Popping over from Country Kids


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