It occurred to me recently that there a lot of great dinosaur blog posts out there and what I needed was to pin some together.  Therefore, I created a Dinosaur pinboard on Pinterest.

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I found this great dinosaur craft at a local supermarket and it was great fun.


Pulling the pieces apart and glueing them on

Fine Motor Skills With Dinosaur Craft on Pinkoddy

Sticking on the spots


The fine motor skills used to put it all together

Fine motor skills dinosaurs Pinkoddy

The love and care


The concentration


And the fun

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9 thoughts on “Dinosaurs!”

  1. Oh, how fun!! Most of our dinosaur posts are from seeing exhibits at museums and the zoo. Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!

  2. Those are the cutest dinosaurs ever! Lily loves to make crafts with foamies, too. I like your new layout too, btw. Thanks for sharing!


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