Fine motor skills dinosaurs Pinkoddy

It occurred to me recently that there a lot of great dinosaur blog posts out there and what I needed was to pin some together.  Therefore, I created a Dinosaur pinboard on Pinterest. If you wish your post to be pinned then please link it up in the comments box below. I found this great dinosaur craft … Read more

Pirate Print

As part of our letter learning journey the letter P covered so many things so we covered quiet a bit as we packed and moved house. P covers Pinterest  and this is where I found this delightful idea of a Paint Pirate  handprint originally from Fun Hand Print Art We painted it all on our hand and then … Read more

Pancake Day

I am absolutely loving Pinterest So if you’re looking for some inspirational ideas for Pancake day why not come and checkout my Pancakes board https://pinterest.com/pinkoddballs/pancakes Shrove Tuesday/Pancake day is next Tuesday 21st February 2012