Sun Holiday Park Guide You Want: Know How to Plan for Europe

This Sun Holiday Park Guide is everything you want to know to plan for your Club £9.50 Sun Holiday break to Europe. But first note that this is going to cost more than £9.50pp but I believe that Sun Holidays in Europe offer the best value for money as it is a really cheap way of travelling outside of the UK without having to resort to hostels.

sun holiday park in Europe beach at Le Mediterranee Plage Camping Village

All You Need to Know About Sun £9.50 Holidays and Codes

Things to Consider Booking a Sun Holiday Park in Europe

As the Sun Holidays only release certain details regarding the parks, and holidays can go rather quickly. Therefore, it is a good idea to pull together as much information as you can on potential parks. See the full park list here.

Your Available Dates

Think about when you may want to go and check the prices for that campsite. Also as not all parks will be open on all the Sun Holiday dates check the park open dates from the tour operator. This may help eliminate parks from your available dates if they are not open (for example the October half term).

Also when comparing the prices consider whether you are likely to want to use their entertainment facilities – as these could be added on top of the price. If you know how much it will cost you directly for the dates you want then this will help.

Obviously check all your passports are definitely in date for long enough!

How to do Disneyland Paris on a Small Budget

Travelling to your Sun Holiday Park in Europe

Sun Holidays in Europe are accessible by plane, train, or car – with links via Ferry, Channel Tunnel or Fly Drive (well I assume but also assume you are here for a budget break so unlikely!).

You may want to consider how easy it is to reach each park, and whether that is the most cost effective way to do so.

Easyjet budget flight to italy

Some campsites tell you that a car is recommended. We previously flew to a Eurocamp and struggled to get from the airport to the site, therefore I would make sure if you do decide to fly that you make sure that this is not an issue. Sun Holidays do not offer a transfers option.

Location of the Sun Holiday Parks

Of the 176, 69 of the Sun Holiday Club £9.50 Parks are in Europe:

  • There are 10 Parks in Central France, 2 in Corsica, 13 in Northern France and 14 in Southern France.
  • Spain has 5 parks
  • Italy has 5 parks in the Italian Lakes, 1 in Sardinia, 5 in Tuscany, and 4 in the Venetian Coast.
  • Netherlands has 4 parks.
  • There is one in Luxembourg
  • 1 in Austria
  • Finally 4 parks in Croatia.
Bregenz cable car

Other Considerations with Cost

Are there any other attractions that mean you really want a particular campsite? For instance Sun Holidays are good for helping to make Disneyland Paris possible on a small budget – is there a campsite that is within easy travelling distance this year?

Or are there special events for the dates you wish to travel?

Are there any certain rules/laws/requirements there – like restrictions on swimwear, floatation devices, driving laws/requirements – that you need to know first? Or have they changed since you last visited?

What is the deal with food – are there supermarkets or restaurants nearby?

Do you want evening entertainment or somewhere quiet?

Road Trips to Europe things to Consider

Driving in France

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