Sun Holiday Code Not Working? I am Delighted to Reward you with an Easy way to find out Why!

If you find that The Sun Holiday Code you are trying to input isn’t working then there may be a really simple reason why! Since the Sun Holidays changed a few years back it has confused many people. But here I am to explain what may be going on!

sun holiday code not working

The Sun Holiday Codes An Explanation

First you need to understand that there are 3 ways to collect codes. This is correct as far as I am aware. Most people find Sun Holiday Codes online and this is the cheapest way of doing things – as you do not have to pay for a thing.

You can find the 10 codes online just about anywhere! Personally I have been sharing Sun Holiday Codes well before the days of Pinkoddy (which has been for over a decade in itself). But now they are on a number of blogs, websites, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter – just about everyone wants to get in on the sharing! 2023 Sun Holiday Codes will be here as soon as they are available.

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Sun Holiday Confusion

But here it becomes a bit confusing because there’s also Sun Holiday Savers. I believe you can add these Sun Saver Codes daily and this is when people are finding the Sun Holiday Codes online and trying to in put them as Sun Savers Codes. They are not the same thing and will not work.

How to Tell the Difference between a Sun Holiday Code and a Sun Saver Code

 It is simple to tell the difference between a Sun Holiday Code and a Sun Saver Code. The Sun Holiday Codes that you will find online are just four letters or letters and digits long. The Sun Savers codes are 8 characters long and are the Sun Savers page. Either way you will need 10 of each.

Sun £9.50 Holiday to Haven Blackpool Marton Mere

Now if you actually are sure you have a Sun Saver code and it isn’t working then I am afraid I cannot help you. First check the spelling from the original tokens carefully and try again. Then if you are still having problems – it might be an idea to contact Club 950.

I hope that helps clear up any confusion.

If you are planning on booking a Sun Holiday Park in Europe here are some things to think about too!

4 thoughts on “Sun Holiday Code Not Working? I am Delighted to Reward you with an Easy way to find out Why!”

  1. It’s interesting how they are using so many ways to collect and book. I remember the days when I’d collect the tokens in the newspaper and then post them off stuck to a form along with a cheque! I’m collecting your codes this year and have already picked my parks and dates ready, thanks for the help.

    • Yes it was much simpler times then. Although it was harder to get all the different families together at the same place. I need to still figure ours out. Fingers crossed you get what you want now.


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