Sun Holidays 2023: Ultimate Guide Online Sun Holiday Codes

Sun Holiday Codes on Pinkoddy have been a thing probably from the beginning. Before that I used to share them on forums ensuring that everyone could get a decent holiday. As a family we have been on many a Sun Holiday – both in the UK and abroad in various places around Europe. We have even utilised them to get a cheap holiday to Disneyland! But what does 2023 hold for the Sun Holidays? Are the codes still worth collecting and sharing?

July Sun Holiday Codes 2023

July Sun Holiday Codes 2023 are

  • Code 1: MANY
  • Code 2: FITS
  • Code 3: CART
  • Code 4: WIPE
  • Code 5: NAIL
  • Code 6: TURN
  • Code 7: GLAD
  • Code 8: SLAB
  • Code 9: f2j8
  • Bonus Code: GRIN

PLEASE NOTE: The booking form will reopen when there’s 10 codes (usually just before we know the 10th code) – this is most likely Saturday night/early hours Sunday morning. If you want any chance of getting the holiday you want (especially in school holidays, you will need to stay up!)

Sun Holiday Codes 2023

Sun Holiday Codes March/April 2023

So they are back once again with over 140 top parks across the UK and Europe. The March Sun Holiday Codes begin this Saturday 25th March 2023 – but here is a bonus code to get you started!

  • Sun Holiday Bonus Code Word March 2023: SALE
  • Sun Holiday Code Word Sunday 26th March: DEAR
  • Sun Holiday Code Word Monday 27th March: SOLO
  • Sun Holiday Code Word Tuesday 28th March: PAIR
  • Sun Holiday Code Word Wednesday 29th March: RACE
  • Sun Holiday Code Word Thursday 30th March: MESH
  • Sun Holiday Code Word Friday 31st March: INTO
  • Sun Holiday Code Word Saturday 1st April: VENT
  • Sun Holiday Code Word Sunday 2nd April: MANY
  • Sun Holiday Code Word Monday 4th April: 7L6E
Sun Holidays Codes March 2023
Sun Holidays March/April Bonus Code Word: Sale

If your Sun Holiday Code isn’t working read here

I was curious is it just Pontins available for a £9.50 Sun Holiday – and honestly that just isn’t worth it! Get yourself a tent, you’d be much better off! So I went along to the Sun Website to see what they had to say about Sun Holidays 2023. Spoiler – they have not yet release details of which campsites are the £9.50 ones but I imagine it is just Pontins.

Facts you Need to Know About the Sun Holiday Codes 2023

Where are the Sun Holiday Parks 2023?

  • There are over 170 Sun Holidays Parks available across the UK and Europe in 2023.
  • You can filter the parks by Country, Region or one of the 19 Tour Operators. Yes these include Pontins! It is worth noting that Haven is no longer an option but they are doing deals straight from their own website for £11.50 pp Butlins also remains away, and there’s currently no way to see by price!

How to Book Your Sun Holiday 2023

  1. To book your Sun Holiday you need to collect Sun Holiday Codes.
  2. Next Book online at enter your e-mail address, party size and Sun Holiday codes.
  3. You need to select 4 Sun Holiday dates and 4 Sun Holiday Parks.
  4. You will be then given some options from what is available.
  5. Select the most desirable and pay.

When Can You Collect Sun Holiday Codes?

  • Collecting for the next Sun Holiday Codes begins on Saturday 7th January 2023.
  • The codes can be collected the same as previous years – Sun Codewords Available Online (published here); Sun Tokens (physically in the Sun Newspaper); and Sun Savers (not to be confused with the Sun Codewords published here) which involves you having the App.
sun holiday bonus code word
Note this is from a previous year

January Sun Holiday Codes 2023

The first Sun Holiday Code of 2023 will be published on Saturday 7th January 2023. However, we will be given a bonus Sun Code before then. We need 10 in order to book. They will be published here as soon as I hear what they are.

Sun Holidays 9.50 Bonus Codeword 2023
  • 1 BONUS Sun Holiday Code: PEEK
  • 2 Sun Holiday Code Saturday 7th January 2023 WIND
  • 3 Sun Holiday Code Sunday 8th January 2023 ACED
  • 4 Sun Holiday Code Monday 9th January 2023 NAIL
  • 5 Sun Holiday Code Tuesday 10th January 2023 RANG
  • 6 Sun Holiday Code Wednesday 11th January 2023 CLIP
  • 7 Sun Holiday Code Thursday 12th January 2023 PEWS
  • 8 Sun Holiday Code Friday 13th January 2023 WIGS
  • 9 Sun Holiday Code Saturday 14th January 2023 LAST
  • 10 Sun Holiday Code Saturday 15th January 2023 W4RE

How Much Does a Sun Holiday Cost?

  • There’s a £3 non-refundable online booking fee.
  • Service charges have been removed – the price you see is the price you pay.
    • Extra charges are optional. This includes entertainment, upgrades, bed linen, half board and dogs.
      • Some parks will charge for Entertainment & Clubroom passes. Not sure if this will be clear when looking at the parks. Will a filter be added?
      • Half-board is at Pontins – some it is the only option!
      • Note that dog-friendly caravans do have a dog supplement but this is added at the time of booking.
dog-friendly caravan parks
  • It says there’s no peak date supplement added but they are clearly different rates for different dates!
    • Holidays are either Band A or Band B – the prices then vary depending on the dates you want. The cheapest are obviously Band A at £9.50pp on varying dates; the most expensive is £59.50pp – but are all in school holidays (May, July and August).
  • It is still based on a minimum of 4 people sharing. This means it will be between a minimum of £38 and £238 (for four or less people).
  • There is no mention I could see of a card booking fee but this is mostly likely still going to apply on top of these prices though!
  • Midweek deals (4 nights) cost the same as weekend deals (3 nights)
  • They still offer a deal on your Ferry. Be aware that if you have a higher vehicle or something that isn’t the basic it is usually cheaper to go via using something like Tesco Clubcard points.
  • Insurance is £9 which covers your entire party on a UK holiday and £29.50 for a holiday in Europe.

Sun Holiday Start Dates and Prices 2023

The following Sun Holiday Start Dates for 2023 are £9.50 for Band A and £19.50 for Band B:

Friday-Monday Breaks:

February 3, 24 and November 3, 10, 17, 24

Monday-Friday Breaks

February 20, 27; March 6, 13, 20, 27; April 17, 24; May 1, 8, 15, 22; September 4, 11, 18, 25; October 2, 9, 16, 30; November 6, 13, 20, 27

This is the October half term in my area

sun £9.50 holidays code words

The following Sun Holiday Start Dates for 2023 are £19.50 for Band A and £29.50 for Band B:

Friday-Monday Breaks:

February 10, 17; March 3, 10, 17, 24; April 21; May 5, 12; September 8, 15, 22, 29; October 6, 13

Monday-Friday Breaks

February 13; June 5, 12, 19, 26

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

The following Sun Holiday Start Dates for 2023 are £29.50 for Band A and £39.50 for Band B:

Friday-Monday Breaks:

March 31; April 14, 28; May 19; June 9, 16, 23; September 1; October 20, 27

The Fri-Mon is the October half term in my area

Monday-Friday Breaks

April 3, 10; July 3

The 10th is the Easter Bank Holiday Monday

italian Easter parade
Sun Holiday Easter in Italy

The following Sun Holiday Start Dates for 2023 are £39.50 for Band A and £49.50 for Band B:

Friday-Monday Breaks:

April 7; May 26; June 2, 30; July 7, 14

Easter Sunday is the 9th April 2023

Monday-Friday Breaks

July 10, 17, August 28th, October 23rd

The following Sun Holiday Start Dates for 2023 are £49.50 for Band A and £59.50 for Band B:

Friday-Monday Breaks:

July 21, 28; August 4, 11, 18, 25

Monday-Friday Breaks

May 29; July 24, 31; August 7, 14, 21

Monday May 29th is the Spring Bank Holiday

Sun £9.50 Holiday to Haven Blackpool Marton Mere

The following details are correct to the best of my knowledge. Please check the Sun Holidays website for confirmation. I am not affiliated with the Sun Holidays and take no legal responsibility for the accuracy.

For more information visit

Our Experience of Sun Holidays in the UK and Europe

We have been on many great Sun £9.50 Holidays (and Sun £15 holidays) including times when we have paid no extra, and to trips abroad. Please visit the posts below for more information. There are places we have been that I just haven’t got around to writing up too, so if you are planning on going somewhere not mentioned just ask in the comments about it. If I haven’t been then someone else may have done. In Europe we have covered Holland, France, Germany and Italy.

Disneyland Paris on a Small Budget

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  1. I was hoping you were doing this again this year, I don’t know exactly what we’d go for but just a break anywhere would be nice as we are very short of cash this year. ….hopefully I’ll re-sign up for your posts when I put my details in for this comment.

  2. I’ve obviously heard of the Sun holidays but didn’t know much about them until now. I think I am going to see about going on one of the holidays as there are plenty of locations that we can get to just by bus. Thank you for sharing this. x

  3. I’m trying to enter codes on the sun savers website as per the guidance but am given the following message “Looks like you’re trying to enter a Sun Holiday codeword. You can only enter your Sun Savers code in here.” Any advice please?

    • Hi Phil there are three different ways to book these nowadays. There’s the sun savers website which needs unique codes putting in I believe.

      If you have a unique code that you enter one at a time then I am not sure what has gone wrong I am afraid. Perhaps get in touch with Club 950. I have only ever dealt with the sun codes and not the sun savers.

      The codes I share here you need to have collected all 10 and then when the website goes live you then enter all ten codes at once.

      This is usually the day before the 10th code and everyone goes crazy to find the last code and book first before all the good stuff goes.

      Hope that helps

    • How soon did you try and book? It could be that they went straight away but I fear it is just the Pontins ones in term time now. Not like it used to be at all – but is still cheaper for certain times/destinations. Why I always say to compare the price with where you want first.

  4. please can you tell me how to cancel a sun holiday i have booked two holidays on the same week so i would like to know how to cancel one

    • I am afraid it says that ABSOLUTELY NO AMENDMENTS WHATSOEVER can be made by you after your holiday application has been received by us or submitted online. No refunds whatsoever can be made in the event of cancellation by you unless the reason for cancellation is the fault of the park or operator.


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