Sun Holiday Codes 2024 Latest Codes Online

For over 30 years The Sun Holidays have been sending people on cheap holidays. This year they have added thousands of Sun £9.50 Holidays. Find all the Sun Holiday Codes for 2024 here as they are available. The next Sun Holiday Code is on Monday 13th May 2024. Just two codes required.

Sun Holiday Code Monday May 13th 2024: PLAY

Sun Holiday Code Tuesday May 14th 2024: V4C7

Sun Holiday Codes 2024 £9.50 online

Wherever you go no extra costs – any service charges and peak date supplements are included. Note that not all holiday parks are available on all dates.

How to Book Sun Holidays Online 2024

You can book a Sun Holiday by either collecting codes online which are available printed in the paper or you can find them online. Collect the Sun Holiday Codes. With over 350 parks to choose from across the UK and Europe.

Note that the website usually goes live for booking the night before the last Sun Holiday Code word. You cannot enter them until you have all five sun holiday code words.

  1. To book your Sun Holiday you need to collect Sun Holiday Codes.
  2. Next Book online HERE enter your e-mail address, party size and Sun Holiday codes.
  3. You need to select 4 Sun Holiday dates and 4 Sun Holiday Parks.
  4. You will be then given some options from what is available.
  5. Select the most desirable and pay.

See all the dates with prices dependent on park code here.

Sun Holiday Codes 2017

What are Sun Saver Codes

Sun Saver Codes are unique. These are printed in the Sun Newspaper daily in a given time period and must be entered on the app. These codes cannot be shared. This may be the reason that your Sun Holiday code is not working.

Reviews with Sun Holiday Codes

We have been using Sun Holiday Codes for years in both the UK and Europe – so here are some reviews of places we have been. This includes a cheap holiday to Disneyland Paris. I do not recommend that you use Pontins for Sun Holidays. Also check directly with the parks for the dates and size of your party to see if it is cheaper.

Disneyland Paris on a Small Budget

New Hunters Quay Village Scotland Sun Holiday Review

February/March 2024 Sun Holiday Codes

  • Code 1: TREE
  • Code 2: C4K8

The Sun Holiday Codes January 2024

The Sun Holiday Codes for January 2024 are:


Saturday 6th January 2024 Sun Holiday Code: GULL

Sunday 7th January 2024 Sun Holiday Code: WAVE

Monday 8th January 2024 Sun Holiday Code: CASE

Tuesday 9th January 2024 Sun Holiday Code: S4L7

Sun Holiday Codes in April 2024 were: · Code 1: SING · Code 2: MOON · Code 3: GAME · Code 4: S74R· BONUS Code: CRAB.

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