Arrow Valley parkrun – A Tourist Review for Event 521

We headed along to Arrow Valley parkrun in Redditch. It was their 521 event and I wanted an A for my parkrun Alphabeteer challenge!

Arrow Valley parkrun

Getting to Arrow Valley parkrun

Getting to Arrow Valley parkrun was simple enough with the satnav and there was absolutely loads of parking. It is free but there is a 2m height restriction. There are toilets and there’s somewhere to go for post-run coffee. Note a McDonald’s was also not very far away!

Arrow Valley Countryside Centre, Battens Drive, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 0LJ

Feel of Arrow Valley parkrun

Arrow Valley parkrun was friendly. A nice local took my photo and I had lovely chat with a Tourist volunteer. Big thanks to each and every volunteer who takes time out of their days to make parkrun possible but to travel to do it too is really going that extra mile!

Arrow Valley parkrun festive feel

We went along on Saturday 16th December 2023. Not quite Christmas but you could feel that people were getting in the mood for it all with some seasonal clothing thrown into the mix.

Arrow Valley parkrun course

Very good run briefing. After the run briefings it is quite a little walk to the start. The course is two laps. Tarmac path course around the lake. Obviously this can get wet and muddy but is definitely not a course for trail shoes.

Thoughts of a faster runner

The first lap not at all easy to overtake for the faster runners if they weren’t positioned close enough to the front. People did not really stay to one side or move over. Unfortunately, the faster runners were also spitting. This is not against parkrun rules since we have come out of covid. Although they did not spit at our son intentionally, it did land on him. Thus resulting in him asking not to go back there again.

Arrow Valley parkrun


Despite being a very busy course and overtaking not very easy, I still managed a 30 minute 15 seconds time. I found it to be s a very undulating course (which of course Jeffing is great with). Plus, although it was explained, it felt like the finish itself was quite a distance after a big sign that said Finish. This sign was to show that you turned in to go down there.

My Achievements

I achieved obviously my A, prime number, namely, Cowell, position, tourist, Freyne, and parkrun challenge!!

Arrow Valley parkrun achievements

Arrow Valley parkrun Event 521 Statistics

The week we attended there were 324 participants ranging from 16.49 to 1:11:02. Of those 183 were through in under 30 minutes. The highest age grade that week was 83.11% by a male in the age 45-49 category.

There are an average 300 finishers per week, with an average finish time of 29.26. The female course record was 16.59 and the male 14.49.  The age graded record was 94.03%.

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1 thought on “Arrow Valley parkrun – A Tourist Review for Event 521”

  1. Thanks very much for sharing. This is one my husband wants to do, I’m not entirely sure why! I expect people have told him about it because they’re doing the alphabet. We’re not doing the alphabet (and have done an A anyway), but no doubt we will get there sometime this year.
    That is pretty gross about the spitting! I’ve never seen anyone spit at parkrun before in all those years.


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