#StGeorge’sDay Red Angry Dragon Craft #Emotions

Nothing says St George’s Day like a Dragon

We have been doing some Toilet Roll Holder Craft because my son has a limited concentration span, and I’m trying to encourage expanding this through the use of routine. And also because I like recycling and it has been fun thinking of new ways to recycle them.dragonmaterials

He has currently received a Statement of Special Educational Needs and his preschool have provided very detailed IEPs (individual education plans) based on the findings in the assessments/the statement. I have been looking at them and how best to help move him forward.


For this activity I thought that I would help try to further his knowledge of colours. Keeping it basic, so it didn’t confuse him, we stuck to making this all


and I kept repeating the fact that we were using


and asking him what colour it was – and if he said a different colour I would tell him it was, and if he said


I would praise him.


I decided on this colour because it is Autism Awareness month and some people are

‘Painting it


for Autism’

So it seemed quiet fitting.


It appears that he has Sensory Processing Disorder and it isn’t long before he has painted all over himself.


 We even have a


bowl to wash his hands! I find a wash bowl full of soapy water very handy, as it means I can take him straight from the table to the bowl (I have it on the floor ready).


 We then waited for all the pieces to dry. We used toilet roll holders, a kitchen roll holder, a paper plate and a mini-rolls box.


As it turns out his brother also had a school reading book from school which had a dragon in it!storybookwithdragon

So we listened to him read whilst the paint was drying.

A really good website for children’s reading books (this is not a sponsored link, the school showed it me and I am very impressed).

My son does not understand emotions and his one to one worker, at pre school, is helping him. He has 3 circle cards – happy, sad and angry.


I thought this very apt to go with the


theme, and Dragons could be angry (like in one of his favourite stories where the Dragon keeps burning his toast). Above is a photo of the actual face they use at pre-school, which I took so I could copy it and avoid confusing him.

Originally I was going to make the face more dragon like – and using black buttons for his nose.


I drew the face on the


plate with a black crayon.dragonears

Then cut out ears, wings and a tail from


paper. Regular readers will know that if I don’t have the colour paper I’m after, then I just paint it. In this instance I had


paper.StGeorgesAngryRedDragonThen I attached it all together with sellotape.

Happy St George’s Day!

I have created a Special Needs Craft Community on Google Plus if anyone wants ideas, or add ideas please.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. What a lovely activity to do with your son and some fab ideas in there. I really look forward to hearing more about what you two are getting to go and hire the emotion cards help him, Bee x


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