Toilet Roll Holders Sheep/lambs

It is such simple activities with children that can be so beneficial to them. In this activity not only were fine motor skills used but we talked too. Apart from the obvious listening & following instruction, we talked about Spring – how adults are called sheep and babies are lambs. We talked about how they had 4 legs and counted them. We talked about different sizes and the circle shape of the toilet roll holder being like a big open mouth.

We started by using a glue stick to attach some cotton wool to the toilet roll holder.


The eyes and legs we used sticky tape to attach them. This uses a whole new level of skill.




We cut the toilet roll in half to make baby. We used 3 different sizes of eyes for Daddy, Mummy and baby.

And of course quality time spent with mom is rewarding to the self-esteem.

Original idea adapted from RedTedArt

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  1. Oh they are very cute! I love the concentration on his face.

    Thanks for sharing on The Sunday Showcase. I’ve pinned to our board.


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