TRH Craft – Chicks in Nests

Easter Chick in a Nest made from a Toilet Roll Holder



I have been trying to help my youngest stay engaged in an activity a bit longer, so I am doing a series of Toilet Roll Holder Crafts (TRH). I’m hoping that the repetition and routine will help.

We started by painting brown some TRHs and some cocktail sticks


Then I broke the sticks up to make like small twigs.



To make the pot just make slits into the bottom, fold them over and tape it together. Like with our Carrot pots.

Then we just glued on the cocktail sticks to the outside with some leftover paper we had painted brown (look out for our Giraffe craft). And then just stuffed the paper inside the pot and added a few sticks on the top.



Then take a big and slightly smaller yellow pompoms and glue them togetherThen glue on an orange pipe cleaner for feet.


And a pipe cleaner for the beak, and some small googley eyes.


You can also add a tail and hat if you wish.


Pop your chick into your basket, or two if there’s room.



One of the TRHs was smaller than the other and only allowed for one chick

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