Spring Dressing Up with Paper Plates and Other things

spring dressing up

I love spending some quality time with my children. One way to have some quality family fun is to do something crafty. This time we made some Spring Dressing up masks from paper plates. We decided to go with Rabbits and Sheep.

We started by drawing and cutting out the eyes. We didn’t want to create a masterpiece and then not to be able to see through it.

spring dressing up

I put some materials on the table, with a loose idea in mind, and let the children led the play.

spring dressing up spring dressing up

It was interesting to see what different ways the boys made their masks.

spring dressing up

I liked the activity as it helped so much with development (drawing/imagination/learning about materials and so on).

spring dressing up spring dressing up

We had new glue spatulas, the boys thought these were wonderful. They learned that if you pull the cotton wool balls apart it goes further.

spring dressing up

The boys love mixing paints and discovering what happens to the colours, and how to make the desired colour. We actually went from pink to brown and had a lot of fun adding in black, and orange, and white. They had a brown in mind and weren’t happy until we found it.

spring dressing up

We had so much fun making them, the boys especially loved walking through the living room with paint on their feet (to make the rabbit ears. We did brown and pink feet and were going to put the small ones inside the large ones, but it didn’t quite work out that way. It does not matter though as we had a lot of fun doing it.

spring dressing up spring dressing up

After we had made our footprints we painted the plates with the leftover brown – to make sure they matched the ears.

spring dressing up

 We added a Pompom for a nose and some crepe paper for whiskers. We tried straws but they didn’t really stick very well.

spring dressing up

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spring dressing up

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spring dressing up

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spring dressing up

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26 thoughts on “Spring Dressing Up with Paper Plates and Other things”

  1. What a lovely collection of dressing up ideas. I love your use of footprints for ears, so cute!
    Thanks for including our masks too. 🙂

  2. How lovely and inventive young children can be. I used to love doing things like this with mine…at home or in the classroom.

  3. Fabtastic – we are going to have to break out the easter paint kits I bought earlier in the year – an quite possible the paper plates as these masks look like so much fun!

  4. What great ideas – love the footprints as ears! We recently bought a pack of paper plates to use for a homemade weather vane, so I’ll be making good use of them!

  5. these are brilliant – so much choice and with world book day coming up I can see some ideas! Have a good week, Jo x

  6. i have linked up my rainbow cupcakes so i hope thats ok.
    what a fanatastic array of different masks- they all look sooo good! I think paper plates will be going on my shopping list now x

  7. Love your masks, so cheerful and getting me really excited that Spring is on it’s way!!

    Some great ideas there too! xx

  8. They came out so cute! Walking through paint and then onto a canvas is an art therapy technique used by the Magic Paintbrush here in the US. It’s usually a group activity. When Bethany was supposed to be doing, it she decided to line up everyone’s shoes in a row instead of getting dirty!

  9. Lots of fab ideas there. I love your sheep mask and the feet rabbit ears a brilliant!
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  10. Making dressing up costumes and masks is SO much more fun than buying them. I love the pig mask but then I love all things piggy – I have pinned it on my Pigs Board 🙂


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