Earth Day at Home

Earth Day is more poignant than ever during this Corona-Virus outbreak as we can really see the difference slowing down is making to the Earth. In order to help keep the Earth in our thoughts after lockdown there are things we can think about and discuss right now – making changes where we can.

Earth day cakes
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Looking after the Earth’s Energy

We are definitely using a lot more electricity in our house right now and so it is a good time to discuss the different types, their effects on the Earth and how sustainable they are.

In our house we always make sure we turn things off at the wall that we are not using and are conscious of our energy usage; for instance only filling a kettle as much as we need it, using the washing line rather than a tumble dryer, putting a jumper on and turning the heat down. Personally we have a smart meter but as we have always been energy conscious only feel this itself is using electricity rather than encouraging us to use less.

As an activity with the children why not think of all the ways that you could save energy in the home. Maybe as an adult it is a good time to think about how green your energy provider is – and make the switch.

Also why not think about how you can save water in the home.

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Earth Day at Home Fun Ideas for Saving Energy

Why not turn the lights off and see what fun you can have! You could do this for even just an hour.

  • Things can be fun by candle light – how about playing board games, paint, take photographs, dinner in the dark or a candle lit bath?
  • How about reading a book by torch light? Why not go further and create a den to read it inside! Or use your torch for an indoor scavenger hunt!
  • Put on a shadow puppet play – you could use the daylight hours to cut out different characters (good excuse for a lolly to reuse the sticks). You could even make it more educational like we did with The Tempest.
  • Why not lie outside and look up at the sky – what can you see? Is it clearer right now?
  • How about a silent disco – dancing the night away with your headphones – with even a prize for the family member with the best moves?
  • Have a movie marathon in the dark – with plenty of home-made popcorn (see my film reviews).
My Spy Movie

Earth Day and Shopping Sustainably

With the economy at risk especially small businesses it is now time to think about our shopping habits and obviously we should shop locally wherever possible. But we should not only be questioning ourselves about whether we need it (I have stopped buying balloons for example) and where it will end up when we have finished with it – but where has it come from? What was the process to make it and how has it got from there to our houses? What impact has all this had on the Earth?

The first thing we need to think about is how can we reduce what we use, then how to reuse things we are already have – so that we do not require new things? Then finally how can we recycle what we have – before anything is even considered going in the landfill bin.

Get children to rethink about rubbish – being more conscious about where it goes and how much they are creating. For us we recycle quite a bit that isn’t collected by the council. This normally is dropped off at someone’s house but we can’t do that in the current climate so we can certainly see the impact we are having on the Earth. We discuss the fact that just because someone says it will be recycled (appropriately) doesn’t mean it will – so it is up to us to be responsible for the impact we are having.

litter picking

Fun Recycling Ideas for Children for Earth Day

  • Create your own mini golf or obstacle course with household objects
  • Recycle materials to make clothes and have a fashion show – how about using tie dye and seeing what different things work better than others (such a beetroot)
  • Recycle craft projects for children – there are lots more ideas on this blog too (search for TRH, egg cartons, etc).
alligator toilet roll craft

Earth Day at Home Thinking About Food

We need to think about the food we eat and try to avoid food waste.

As I said where it has come from and the impact it has had on the Earth. We can encourage children to think about the whole process by growing your own. You can plant seeds in an old tub, pot or even toilet roll holder. Also to think about what it is we are eating – and consider things we may not have thought of. We were delighted to discover we had an excellent food source of dandelions in our back garden for our Bearded Dragon! They are also safe for human consumption.

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  1. I work for a sustainability charity, but have to admit we’re not as good as we could be. I am still collecting crisp packets which are mounting up, that I’d usually take into school. Not sure where I’ll put them once they start getting a bit over storage capacity if this lockdown goes on til September! At the moment I’m also getting a veg delivery so that’s reduced a tiny amount of plastic although not that much as I use net bags when I can and obviously they’re out delivering. I’m now only using my car once a weekish (sob as it’s sitting on the drive probably dying its diesel engine without decent runs out) to go to the nearby shop rather than daily commute. I can’t change my commute because while it’s only short, buses are in short supply here, we’re outside the village plus timings don’t work for work with school drop off. The same as bike riding – don’t fancy 14 mile round trip into town for work each day though, even if I could work the timing with school drop off. But if everyone does a little bit, it will all help.


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