Lockdown Birthday for Children

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When it comes to a lockdown birthday for children whether you are a parent, a wicked uncle, a sick aunt or a great grand-parent you are going to want to ensure that the child has the most amazing present. Something a bit different but engaging, and even one that helps keep the child entertained and helps their development. Without being able to see the children yourself then it would be best to order your gifts online – particularly from somewhere that would gift wrap the present and offer advice.

lockdown birthday cake

A lockdown birthday is going to be more difficult, but possibly more so for children who are possibly more used to a bit more attention and being able to share their special time with friends. As well as the present you may want to think about ideas for making the day a bit more special including how to incorporate their friends and family.

The Perfect Present for Children

Growing up I had a wicked uncle and remember he used to get me the most amazing gifts. My favourites I remember being a map of the world, a pen and a pair of socks! How boring do they sound? But they weren’t just any map, pen and socks! The map came in this massive tube and I loved rolling it out – he used to pay me if I could answer his questions based on it! The pen was a fountain pen and required special ink (this was amazing for me back in the day) and the socks he told me were designer! It must be over thirty years since I received those gifts so you can see what a difference getting it right made on me. As a sick auntie myself I gifted our niece slime – I knew it probably was something she’d love but not something her parents would have most likely opted for!

birthday hat

We also ordered a Birthday Hat so that when we went for our daily exercise people would know it was our son’s birthday. He refused to wear it though and said he would have preferred a badge!

Lockdown Birthday Seeing Family and Friends

If it is your child’s birthday during lockdown the chances are they are going to miss seeing their family and friends. What we decided to do for our son’s birthday is have people all record messages for him to wish him a Happy Birthday and played them all together when he woke up. Not only did he love it but it means he has a keepsake of his lockdown birthday for years to come.

video conference software

Of course there is also the option to video call or use a conferencing programme such a Zoom or Teams to connect and be able to see others.

Birthday Cake in Lockdown

Buying a birthday cake in lockdown seems a bit like an impossible task. We also struggled to buy flour and so opted for a cake mix (although we were offered flour and did manage to get some after we had the cake mix). You can buy cake from places you might not even think about though – our local chip shop sells it for example! Alternatively what about buying some muffins or doughnuts instead!

birthday doughnut and blowers

Planning a Birthday for a Child in Lockdown

I think the best thing to do when it comes to planning a birthday for a child in lockdown is to discuss with them what they want (if they are old enough to). Our son most definitely wanted a special breakfast, to play computer games, eat pizza, bake a cake, and to stay up late! It may be that the child wants a movie day, dance, a theme, a picnic, afternoon tea, the list is endless dependent on your child’s wishes.

children birthday tea

Do you have any other ideas on how to make A Lockdown Birthday for Children Special?

6 thoughts on “Lockdown Birthday for Children”

  1. It’s going to be strange for anyone celebrating a birthday in lockdown. Thank goodness we are able to source great gifts online in order to help make their birthday special.

  2. It is strange times, but it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it best way we can. It looks like you’ve got some great ideas there xx

  3. Birthdays in lockdown are definitely a challenge, but these are great ideas to help – we will definitely be trying some of these as the boy is 13 and the end of the month x

  4. I think some of the most memorable birthdays will be created in Lockdown.
    People need to think outside the box to create something special. Its far to easy to chuck money at a pre organised event that needs little input to create.


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