Birthday help in the Pandemic from Moonpig

This post is published because of a gifting opportunity. Having a birthday during a pandemic is hard but particularly so if it is a special birthday. Our son turns 17 this month and the corona virus has changed everything about our plans to make it special. We were at a bit of a loss as … Read more

Junior Driving Experience in a MX5

Junior Driving Experience

We have a lot of special birthdays coming up in my immediate family with my 40th next year, the oldest turning 21 just after Christmas and apparently the most special of them all – the third born turned 10! An age so important, as he heads away from being a child and has to discover … Read more

My Niece is three today!

My Niece is three today!

Happy Birthday to my Niece who is 3 today! She has always been a good girl as we were on holiday when she was due and I said that she could arrive once we came back – and she did! Unfortunately we do not get to see her as often we would like and she … Read more

Si5 SpyMission Croydon – A Unique Spy Experience

Si5 SpyMission Croydon - A Unique Spy Experience

Si5 SpyMission is a new espionage fast-paced ‘James Bond meets Crystal Maze’ activity experience that has opened its doors in Exchange Square, Surrey Street, Croydon. With state-of-art equipment for the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled adventure, suitable for children and adults who must work as a team to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, to complete their mission set … Read more

Our Youngest Son is 7 Today!

Our Youngest Son is 7 Today!

Today our youngest son has turned 7 years old. Originally due on my birthday he arrived 5 weeks early to celebrate with the Queen instead! He was a good weight at 7lbs 1oz, born in the evening and sent home the very next day. Unfortunately he many trips backwards and forwards to the hospital, losing … Read more

Cardooo at ASDA: The cards with something extra

Cardooo at Asda

In the UK we buy and send more greeting cards than any other country in the world. It is hard to find the perfect card, one that stands out from the others. Well now in ASDA stores nationwide you can purchase new activity cards for children by Cardooo. Regular readers will already know about the great … Read more

Dinosaur Birthday Party

My youngest son, who has Special Needs, gets really hung up about birthdays. He was meant to be born on my birthday, but instead decided to come 5 weeks earlier. So when it came to planning my birthday he had really not got over his. He thought that every birthday should be his birthday. When … Read more

Star Badges

Some days you just want a simple activity to keep the kids entertained. What I love about this Star Badge Craft is that it is so versatile. We made them for their Dad for his birthday, but could easily have been applied to Father’s day, as a Christmas Craft, or even a Teacher leaving gift … Read more

Spring Farm Birthday Party

A party on a farm in Spring was a great idea. When my sons went to their 4 year old friend’s birthday party I was so impressed with it that I had to ask if I could share it here on the blog. It was on his nan’s farm. We were warned it could be messy … Read more