Si5 SpyMission Croydon – A Unique Spy Experience

Si5 SpyMission is a new espionage fast-paced ‘James Bond meets Crystal Maze’ activity experience that has opened its doors in Exchange Square, Surrey Street, Croydon. With state-of-art equipment for the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled adventure, suitable for children and adults who must work as a team to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, to complete their mission set aboard the battle cruiser UNS Steadfast.Si5 SpyMission Croydon - A Unique Spy ExperienceAbout the Si5 SpyMission Missions

The great thing about the missions is that they are a great way to have fun, get fit and challenge the mind – all against the clock! There are physical tasks such as pulling levers, climbing on things, pulling through tunnels, plus going up and down ladders. The missions are tailored to the group – with different operations designed for the different ages (Malice’s Revenge 6-7yrs; Shadow Force 8+ years; Covert Sword, big kids – you know who you are) and a family session – that allows adults and children to work together. There is also a guide who explains what is going on and they can give a helping hand if any budding spies find themselves stuck!

Why book a Si5 SpyMission Mission

The missions are great for a fun activity, a school visit or a birthday party. Individuals can come back again and again as they complete different missions. Si5 SpyMission provides the perfect party package with one hour mission followed by food (the usual children’s favourites – nuggets, pizza, fish fingers and sausages, with chips or jacket potatoes, sweetcorn, beans or peas) and drinks, a Spy Package Party Bag for only £2 each (containing all the things you’d expect in a party bag! Sweets, a puzzle, notebook and secret agent pen with hidden code and a mister stickyman toy).  Plus Adult missions are more difficult and impossible to complete alone so perfect for stags, hens, corporate events or even birthdays!Si5 SpyMission Croydon - A Unique Spy Experience What our thoughts were on Si5 SpyMission

We were invited to the Press Launch of Si5 SpyMission which also coincided with our son’s 9th birthday. It was a big risk because none of his friends went because we live too far from Croydon – but I believed that he would really enjoy it – and he did! It was easy to find and the parking at the Q Carpark, as per instructions on the website, only charged for the time we used it.

What we liked about Si5 SpyMission

  • We felt that there was a good atmosphere with great effects. I am usually really claustrophobic and although it was dark and I had some small places to get through I never felt scared or trapped.
  • The staff in general were really friendly and helpful (this was especially beneficial when the birthday boy split blackcurrant cordial all over the table and floor!)
    • But especially our guide Luke – who was knowledgable, patient and really good at giving subtle hints when we needed help. I liked how he built rapport with the boys – and even let the birthday boy stand on him to reach higher up!
  • The boys enjoyed themselves so much that they did not notice the hour go by. In fact the youngest thought that when we stopped to eat it was just time for a break!
  • We liked that you could still progress through the mission if you did not complete the section in time.
  • We loved the novel ways of getting between the rooms.
  • We loved that this was a unique experience and like nothing else we had done before (and as a family we do, do quite a lot!)
  • The variety of puzzles, the storyline, effects, the slide, the laser guns and so on.
  • We loved the idea of being able to have a party at Si5 SpyMission – as the children would be totally looked after with no input from us at a very reasonable priceSi5 SpyMission Croydon - A Unique Spy Experience

How we felt that Si5 SpyMission could be improved

  • We liked how the puzzles were a challenge for the youngest in the group but felt that there wasn’t anything that was challenging for the teen and upwards which would have made it feel like they were actually needed, and better for team building.
  • I think it is important to note that they weren’t quite ready and then we came a bit earlier too but the biggest thing that let it down for us was the food. It is cooked to order ready for when the mission is complete – but unfortunately ours was very cold. This was most likely the result of teething problems – maybe a cold option of sandwiches could also be on offer. To be fair we never mentioned this so they were unable to rectify it.
  • We liked the idea of racing against the clock but felt it a bit of a let-down that there was no consequence as to whether you did the challenges in the time or not. We think that there could be may be a scoring system for how quickly each challenge is done and a team score at the end. This could then have a leaderboard and groups of friends could compete against each other – or come back again to beat their scores. With penalty points taken off for hitting the lasers for example.
  • Following on from this it would be nice if certificates were given for completing the mission.

As we came out a lady was just sending in a party of nine year olds and asked me what it was like – and I will tell you what I told her –

It was amazing – they will love it!

Founder and CEO Bob Richardson started by designing these missions outdoors for his own children when a friend told him that he had to do them for other people. Since then he has been coming up with new ideas and always keen for suggestions and ideas on how to keep the adventures getting bigger and better.

Don’t worry if you are too far from Croydon SpyMissions centres are also in Cambridge, Nottingham, Northampton and Milton Keynes. 

Waterworks Yard, Croydon, CR0 1TR


My family and I were invited free of charge to the press launch. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

15 thoughts on “Si5 SpyMission Croydon – A Unique Spy Experience”

  1. Interesting post! It’s a shame you felt there wasn’t much for teens in the whole experience as I feel they are missing a trick by not thinking of ways to engage them with this!!

    • No that was just within the family mission – there are ones suitable for older children but I felt more could have been there to engage them in the family one. If that makes sense.

  2. Oh this looks brilliant, just our sort of thing! I can’t wait for my girls to be old enough to do things like this! I’d like to try the Crystal Maze one that’s opening in London too.

  3. Wow it looks like so much fun, hopefully they can smooth out its issues but apart from that it looks like a great challenge for all ages.

  4. I really want to visit here but I think my kids are a little too young…….hopefully it will be there in a couple of years as it looks so much fun

  5. This sounds like such an exciting day out, my children are too young but I imagine they would enjoy it when bigger. It is a shame there were a few niggles, however, the good seems to far outweigh the bad. They never have anything like this in the north east xx


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