Si5 SpyMission Croydon – A Unique Spy Experience

Si5 SpyMission Croydon - A Unique Spy Experience

Si5 SpyMission is a new espionage fast-paced ‘James Bond meets Crystal Maze’ activity experience that has opened its doors in Exchange Square, Surrey Street, Croydon. With state-of-art equipment for the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled adventure, suitable for children and adults who must work as a team to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, to complete their mission set … Read more

Having a Party: Three Ways to Entertain this Half Term

Having a Party: Three Ways to Entertain this Half Term

What is it about the school holidays that seems to make kids want to eat more? How about using this to your advantage to entertain them?! My children love nothing more than having a “party” this usually means just putting together some nibbles together (a mix of sweet (junk and fruit) and savoury). Furthermore you … Read more

Dinosaur Birthday Party

My youngest son, who has Special Needs, gets really hung up about birthdays. He was meant to be born on my birthday, but instead decided to come 5 weeks earlier. So when it came to planning my birthday he had really not got over his. He thought that every birthday should be his birthday. When … Read more

Spring Farm Birthday Party

A party on a farm in Spring was a great idea. When my sons went to their 4 year old friend’s birthday party I was so impressed with it that I had to ask if I could share it here on the blog. It was on his nan’s farm. We were warned it could be messy … Read more

Birthday Party Guide

Planning a Birthday Party can be a complicated affair. Here are a few things to think about in this Birthday Party Guide from our exzperience of lots of parties with our four children. This post contains an affiliated link First – Decide on Your Budget for Your Birthday Party How many people you will invite, … Read more

Be a Pirate Arrrr

My two youngest boys were invited to a Pirate & Princess Party. Now it may have been easier to stick them in dresses but we had a lot of fun turning them into Pirates. Just thread some black – string, wool, boot lace – anything that can go round the head and be tied – … Read more