Be a Pirate Arrrr

My two youngest boys were invited to a Pirate & Princess Party. Now it may have been easier to stick them in dresses but we had a lot of fun turning them into Pirates.


Just thread some black – string, wool, boot lace – anything that can go round the head and be tied – through your black eye patch piece. I cheated and bought a Pirate craft tub but am sure this could be made out of any manner of things – including some cardboard off a cereal box.

How To Make A Pirate Sword

Take 2 pieces of newspaper and put them on top of each other


Fold over one of the corners.


From that corner start rolling on the diagonal until it’s rolled all the way across the paper.


Sellotape it closed and then bend it at the end into an L shape.


Bend it over for the hook of the handle and sellotape it down.


Out of cardboard cut out an oval (as you can see I’m not the best at shapes but it didn’t matter) with a hole cut in the middle, and a rectangle. Colour them both in.


Thread the oval through the sword and wrap the rectangle underneath it and sellotape it closed.


Viola you have your sword.


Repeat again for as many children/swords as you need.


(I found the sword tutorial here where you can find other Pirate ideas)


The hat, again was from my Pirate Craft tub, but could again be made of card – and a skull and cross-bones printed out of paper and glued on – it is then attached to the head with red ribbon.

My friend made the Treasure Chest – am assuming by painting a Jewellery Box.

She padded it out with some newspaper and covered it with red material before draping the treasure (necklaces, beads, rings, earrings, etc) over it.

We then added a skull and cross-bones and glued some gems on the outside.

Visit the Late Multiple Mummy to make a Pirate Treasure Map

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