Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters Flint

Sorgenfresser Worry Eater

Sometimes children have worries that they feel that no-one can solve. This may be because there is no-one available to talk to at that time, or that they do not want to upset/worry anyone or even that what they are worried about is too abstract and so can’t be fixed (like monsters hiding under the … Read more

How to make a LEGO Pirate Ship


We made our LEGO Pirate Ship in the days leading up to our stay in a Pirate room at LEGOLAND Windsor. It was an adaptation of RedTedArt’s Pirate boat. We made it smaller than the original because we didn’t have big enough pieces of card, and I also believed it would make it a much … Read more

Be a Pirate Arrrr

My two youngest boys were invited to a Pirate & Princess Party. Now it may have been easier to stick them in dresses but we had a lot of fun turning them into Pirates. Just thread some black – string, wool, boot lace – anything that can go round the head and be tied – … Read more