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Sometimes children have worries that they feel that no-one can solve. This may be because there is no-one available to talk to at that time, or that they do not want to upset/worry anyone or even that what they are worried about is too abstract and so can’t be fixed (like monsters hiding under the bed). No matter how big or small we perceive a child’s worry to be to them it is just very real – and that can be very frightening for them. Psychologists often recommend writing down your worries to help overcome anxiety and upsetting thoughts.

Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters

This is where a Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters can come in. How it works is that the children can either write or draw their worry on a piece of paper and feed it into the worry Eater’s mouth. The child can ensure that the worry cannot escape by zipping shut the mouth whilst the Sorgenfresser Worry Eater digests it. There are many different personalities that can be chosen from in many different colours: Flint, Flamm, Wanda, Pomm, Saggo, Betti, Bill, Frula, Polli, Om, Enno, Schnucci, Ernst, Rumpel, Ed, Gump, Sepp and Biff.


I received Flint – the worry eating pirate: His raft has just run aground in the land of worries and he’s ready for adventure! He has a pirate eye patch and the end of the tip is coloured like a tongue – but with a big spot on it, Flint has a stripey brown and beige body, dark brown arms and legs, with orange pointy ears. His mouth is as wide as his body – so there’s plenty of room to push the worry into his tummy – which also has plenty of room for even the biggest of worries. Flint has a red ring connected to his ears which would make it good to hang him somewhere to stop it getting lost. Flint is soft and huggable – so suitable for keeping with a child at night, to ensure they can sleep worry-free. It could also be used as a pillow if you turn the zip towards the bottom of the bed.Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters

Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters in School

My 8 year old son came home and told me that his worry that day was that he might get told off at parent’s evening. This was the first time that I discovered that worries were covered at his school. It turns out that his class has a Worry Eater. Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters in schools can be good to help alleviate small worries such as not remembering times tables, to worries about friendships and bullying, to family matters (the pet goldfish has died) and even to identify more serious Child Protection issues. They can be used as part of a class discussion on emotions and how it is okay to feel worried, and how it is good to not let things be bottled up. Or the Worry Eater can be just left for children to use discretely when a problem arises for them. The best thing about it is that the child/ren will feel that the problem(s) will be passed on from themselves and be broken down in the Worry Eater’s digestive system! Of course the reality being that a teacher or other member of staff will be able to check whether there is anything that needs addressing.

New Worry Eaters characters, stationery and Novelties!

The popular Worry Eaters range is growing in 2016! Not only will six new additions join the plush family but there’s also a brand new collection of stationery and novelty items perfect for primary school-aged boys and girls! Purses (RRP £5.49), pencil cases (RRP £8.49) and bags (RRP £8.99) are being added to the collection – there are four character purses based on popular Worry Eaters Bill, Betti, Saggo and Om, as well as four pencil cases (Enno, Flint, Frula and Biff) plus Frula and Flamm bags. They’re all portable versions of kids’ favourite Worry Eaters characters, created with the same soft fabric as the plushes and featuring the distinct zip-mouth for gobbling up children’s worries.Sorgenfresser Worry Eater

The Worry Eaters plush range is growing too – say hello to new characters, Pat, Sita and Lily, who are all Classic Worry Eaters (RRP £20) measuring 32-40cm. Schnulli and Pom join the Junior Worry Eaters, (RRP £12.50) measuring 22-24cm. For bigger worries comes giant Flint, (RRP £200) measuring 97cm! They’re all suitable for 3+.

Pomm Review on Baby Budgeting

I received a Flint Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters for purposes of review. 

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  1. They’re such a brilliant idea. I think it’s so good that your school has one. Z is a big worrier even at the age of 5 so I’m hoping ours does him some good.


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