Crate Creatures Snort Hog Review

We have recently received a Crate Creatures from MGA Entertainment to see what the boys thought of him. There are four of these ferocious creatures to collect: Blizz, Pudge, Sizzle and Snort Hog; each one with a grizzle exterior of ferocious fur trapped with a lock and chair in a crate – lured by their favourite snack. Each crate creature has a special feature; over 45 ghastly noises when a snack is placed in their mouth and will record your voice and repeat it back monster style! They also have either a sensitive nose, tongue or horns and can become temperamental shaking (vibrates) when the right nerve is touched.Crate Creature Snort Hog MGA Entertainment

Crate Creatures Snort Hog

We received Snort Hog, who is from the muggy jungles of Tuskk. The bog warthog loves nothing more than digging up treats to eat and blowing out unpleasant boogers! He arrived locked in his crate with a warning NOT to pull on his tongue! If you do his eyes will glow and he shakes with rage!

When unlocked from his crate (with a crowbar provided) you can discover the fun of slimy snot that squirts out of his nose. Hear his snotty growls when you knock him over and listen to his 45 unique sounds as he crunches on his favourite food – corn dog. If you take away his food before he’s finished he will flap his arms around in horror. In fact his welcome message on the side of his packaging warns you that he would give up all four of his arms if it meant he could get another tasty corn dog!Crate Creature Snort Hog in his Crate

Lure him with a corn dog to get him back into his crate; locked up and back under control – before he becomes too mad. When he’s calmed down and forgotten you can release him all over again.

Our thoughts on Crate Creatures Snort Hog

The Crate Creatures Snort Hog was an instant hit with my boys (ages 9 and 10) and they could not wait to break him free from his crate. Snort Hog is a delightful mix of boyish charm with his snot and gruesome eyes but also has that tender loving side with lovely soft fur. Perfect for our Sensory Seeker with lots of different textures including his pants, hair, face and tongue all having slightly different textures. Easy to use and with two options for the level of sound (although the recording bit did take our 10 year old a few tries to get used to as you have to wait for Snort Hog to be quiet before making your recording). Until you make a new recording he will repeat what you last said (recorded) again and again at the touch of his belly! I think the crowbar actually being utilised to open the lock and chain and get into the crate itself is a really nice touch. The crate also gives the creatures somewhere to stay when not in use – a kind of bed of sorts. I think this will definitely be a hit with children. Take a look at the Crate Creatures Snort Hog Demo.

RRP £39.99

Requires 3 x AA batteries (included)

Suitable for ages 4 and over

Available now at Smyth’s Toystores


I received a Crate Creature Snort Hog for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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