Zuru Itty Bitty Prettys: Angel High Capsule Doll #Surprise #Review

Discover the magical world of Angel High! The Itty Bitty Prettys: Angel High Capsule Doll Series are helping friends from the clouds above with sparkle, love and all new magic colour changing style. I received 3 Dolls to review: Blossom, Belladonna and Trixee.

Zuru Itty Bitty Prettys: Angel High Capsule Doll #Surprise #Review

About the Itty Bitty Pretty Angel High Capsule Doll

There are a variety of different Itty Bitty Pretty Angel High Capsule dolls; each one comes with her own unique style and fashionable outfit. These really reflect their personalities! However, the clothes do come off so you could mix and match them and create a new look!


  • They come in a see-through capsule – which is perfect for using as a display case, and/or keeping all the accessories together.
  • Once styled, you can get glammed up to match your new best friend with the detachable and wearable wing hair accessory – which is clipped to the back of the capsule!
  • Unboxing of surprises – with hair brush, accessories, angel cloud and colour-changing wings in each packet!
  • Super-cute outfits with mini wings!
  • Watch your Itty Bitty Pretty Angel High dolls transform before your eyes with colour changing makeup and wings!!
  • Attractive colours.
  • Perfect size for little hands. Small enough to be easy to hold but big enough to play with. Also making them easy to transport.
Zuru Itty Bitty Prettys: Angel High Capsule Doll  using capsule as stand

Things to Know About the Itty Bitty Pretty Angel High Capsule Doll


It is worth noting that although the opening of the Angel High Dolls may be fun for small children it can also be a little frustrating. The Itty Bitty Pretty Angel High Capsule Dolls do say to remove all packaging before giving to the child. Personally I would say that this is because it isn’t the easiest thing to do – there’s a lot of plastic.

First note that a pair of scissors would be a good idea. Especially when removing the Angel High doll from the cardboard. You will also need to cut open the angel cloud packet with scissors.

Zuru Itty Bitty Prettys: Angel High Capsule Doll lots of plastic packaging

Secondly, you may find it easier to open the capsule by pulling it apart from the bottom.

Thirdly I found the hair accessory tricky to take out. There are instructions on how to do this from inside the capsule. As I am more like a small child though I just wanted it off from the outside!

Once Opened

This also brings me to mention that once you have taken the hair accessory off the capsule there’s a hole at the back; this will mean that small parts will fall out. Otherwise everything can be stored back in the capsule.

Angel High wings hair accessory

Inside the capsule you will find an Angel High Collector’s Guide, a blind bag, a surprise angel cloud bag (which is actually see-through), and a battery warning leaflet! Inside the blind bag are the colour-changing mini-wings, hair brush, and other accessories.


Instructions are very limited. Like it doesn’t advise what to do if your Itty Bitty Pretty Angel High Capsule doll isn’t changing colour. In this case it is most likely that your doll and mini wings are already too cold. They should start off white and then become a colour when cold water is applied. Neither does it really explain what to do with the surprise slime.

angel high colour changing wings - changing colour

Also the print is very small in places, making it difficult to read. The capsule contains a warning leaflet regarding batteries. Personally I found this rather confusing as there are no batteries!

There is a lovely range of characters but a bit disappointing that these all seem to be girls, with no boy dolls in the range.

Angel High Blossom

Angel High Blossom is just like the flower! Even topped with a white flowery tiara. Matching this she has white jewellery and a white dress and socks.

Adding to the flower feel she has a green petite-coat and shoes too! With matching green eyebrows and glittery green eyes. Also her bodysuit underneath her clothes is green too!

Zuru Itty Bitty Prettys: Angel High Capsule Doll Blossom

She has beautiful long pink hair in pigtails and a pink brush if you want to take them out.

Of course she comes with colour-changing mini-wings and has also got make-up that appears on her face when cold is applied.

Angel High Belladonna

Angel High Belladonna is just like a Kuja warrior. She has beige skin and blue sparkly eyes. Her eyebrows, and make-up are pink to match her beautiful pink long curly hair!

This is worn in a side ponytail with a blue warrior hairband. This then matches her blue glasses, earrings and shorts. She is also wearing tall gold open-toe boots and matching waistcoat, with a tiny white top underneath.

Angel High Belladonna

Not forgetting that she comes with a brush and the all-important colour changing mini-wings.

Angel High Trixee

Angel High Trixee has long black hair with red streaks. Red and black is her style. With black eyebrows and red glittery eyes. Wearing a black body suit with a red bow and white sleeves, and a red cage like skirt over the top. She has red shoes, red heart shaped earrings and red rosy lips.

Zuru Itty Bitty Prettys: Angel High Capsule Doll Trixee

As well as her colour-changing mini wings she also has a black handbag! Plus the make-up that appears on her face are red hearts.

Age Suitability

For ages 3-10 years. Some parts, like the earrings are really small so understandably not for those under 3 years old. Some of it can be really fiddly. For example attaching the wings. Initially I thought they attached around the neck – but it is around the waist. It is also easier to attach the mini wings to the part that goes around the doll first, and then put them on. Also the hair fell out quite easily.

Zuru Itty Bitty Prettys: Angel High Capsule Doll colour changing wings

Also available Mimi8, Zandella, Rio and Pomme.

You can also find them in Toy Mini Brands Form

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