Spring Farm Birthday Party

A party on a farm in Spring was a great idea.

When my sons went to their 4 year old friend’s birthday party I was so impressed with it that I had to ask if I could share it here on the blog. It was on his nan’s farm. We were warned it could be messy so we all had our wellies, and what great fun we had as they had wash down the barn, which created a great big puddle.


Fun for daddy too!!

daddy puddles

It was all nice decorated in a “Farm” theme.

cow string

There was even animal balloons – which the children tried to “ride”


And there was a cow to climb on.


And a disco.


He is lucky enough to have a Spring birthday.


How lovely for the children to be able to see the new life close up.


And to ride the Pony was really beneficial to the youngest son, as Horses have many benefits to children on the Autistic Spectrum (which we believe he may well be).


He waited ever so nicely for his turn.


And really seemed to enjoy it. It has certainly made me consider looking into lessons for him.

And the children got a rosette after their turn.


His mother created some really great games.

This one was lots of boxes with “soft farm toys” inside, amongst lots of shredded paper. The idea was there were 2 teams and one by one they got a box, unwrapped it and found the toys. The children had so much fun pulling them apart, charging around and throwing the paper everywhere. Then they got to exchange the toys for sweets (although my son actually wanted to keep the toy lol).


Then there was the game of 4 corners. 4 adults held up a picture of an animal, the children had to decide which corner they would stand by, and if that corner was called then they were out (more sweets).


There was traditional pin the tail on the donkey (and cow)


A spectacular home-made sheep pinata

Which the children really loved having a bash at (youngest first to give them a chance).


The poor sheep didn’t stand a chance.


Balloons were suspended high up, with sweets mixed in.


At a previous party the sweets were inside the balloons and the children had to burst them to get the sweets out.
ballonsandsweets This time the sweets were not inside (to consider children who may have been sensitive to the noise). Unfortunately, the children had enjoyed bursting them so much at the last party that they remembered and still wanted to do it again!


And haybales were used as seats for the food.haybalesforfoodAnd the cake was amazing.

I’m sure he had a very Happy Birthday.happybirthday

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13 thoughts on “Spring Farm Birthday Party”

  1. What a smashing idea for a childrens party, so much more fun than an “indoors” party. I love the animal balloons!

  2. Wow what a lot of work that must have been. I have the triplets party here on our farm this Sunday, I hope I can make it as much fun for them. Thank you for sharing such a lovely party on Country Kids.

  3. What an amazing party! A lot of work obviously went into it, butbit certainly looks like it paid off. #countrykids

  4. what an amazing birthday party – perfect for this time of year too and for the children to see all the new farm animals. makes such a change from the usual parties doesn’t it? great looking cake too.
    and i really like your new blog design xx


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