Star Wars Party Planning Ideas with Baby Yoda

The popularity of The Mandalorian made a Star Wars Party the obvious choice for our son’s birthday. I started by researching Baby Yoda Party ideas but progressed this to incorporate other aspects of Star Wars.

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian

Star Wars Party Ideas on Pinterest

I have not watched The Mandalorian and my Star Wars knowledge isn’t great either. So the first thing I did was to head over to Pinterest and created a Star Wars Party board. You will find a wealth of ideas – which cover a wide range of ages and interests. I do not know how accurate they are however!

Star Wars Party Baby Yoda Ideas

The Star Wars Party Planning began by finding Baby Yoda themed party ideas.

Baby Yoda Quotes

I started by finding Baby Yoda Quotes. I added my favourite, “The Cuteness is Strong with This One,” and details of the party in white and yellow lettering on a black background by using my peg board. If you Google “Baby Yoda Quotes” there’s a whole selection to choose from.

The Green Theme

An obvious way to make the party Baby Yoda themed is by using a green theme. Colours are really such a simple way to create the association with the theme. I did struggle to find any green wrapping paper at a reasonable price. Again the right shade of green card was difficult to come by. We knew our son would be happy with what we found however.

Baby Yoda Paper Lanterns

Next we moved on to making Yoda Paper Lanterns. These I did find on a blog post which is on my Pinterest board but after Googling it isn’t clear where the original idea is from. The Yoda Paper Lanterns are really simple to make by literally attaching some green ears on to green paper lanterns. A glue gun was used to attach them in our case but they could be stapled on, or any other method which is easiest for you. I am not sure how well a glue stick would work – or possibly even green tape. We then hung these on the light fittings on the ceiling.

Baby Yoda Lantern

Baby Yoda Party Plates

The Baby Yoda Party Plates were made in exactly the same way as the Baby Yoda Paper Lanterns in that we just attached green ears to the plates.

DIY Baby Yoda Plate

Baby Yoda Cucumbers

Baby Yoda Cucumbers were made by slicing the cucumber into slices and then dividing a slice up to make a set of ears to attach next to each circle. These were just put together loosely on the tray to look like Baby Yoda and not actually attached.

Baby Yoda Cucumbers

Baby Yoda Activities

There are a number of Baby Yoda Activities you can incorporate into your Star Wars Party and below are a couple we used. There are loads more online so do check out my Star Wars Party Pinterest board for some great activities.


We bought LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars: The Mandalorian & The Child (75317) as one of his presents. I am sure there’s instructions to build your own from existing bricks. Or alternatively just put out a collection of green bricks and let their imaginations run wild. We could of course also played LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Baby Yoda LEGO - The Child Mandalorian

Baby Yoda Polymer Clay

Our youngest is very arty and so we decided that creating a Baby Yoda with Polymer Clay would be ideal. I bought a kit online and then followed the instructions from

Baby Yoda Polymer clay

Baby Yoda Cakes

Hands up this is where I failed. There are some incredible ideas online but my efforts just looked ridiculous. I thought I could just stick some marzipan together and cover it in green icing. But I didn’t know how to cover it properly and the ears just fell. In hindsight I should have just made them green and drew on the rest. Or coloured some marshmallows and drew on the ears. As I say there’s lots of success stories for you to look at online.

failed Baby Yoda cupcake

Star Wars Party Ideas

The Party moved from being just a Baby Yoda Party to a Star Wars Party. This was mainly because the Baby Yoda Party ideas alone just didn’t seem enough. I started with a black table cloth and utilised black, white and silver plates, dishes and stands to use for the food. I found a range of different food names/ideas linked to Star Wars online and we created some of our own. Place names were used for the food and drink by using the font Soloist Outline which we printed out and coloured in yellow for the letters and a black background. Using our glue gun again we backed them onto silver card that was folded over so they would stand up.

Mando's Munchies Star Wars Party Food ideas and related names

Star Wars Party Food and Drink Ideas

Storm Trooper Cakes

Following from my failed attempts at Baby Yoda Cakes I think my Storm Trooper Cakes were more successful. I simply made fairy cakes and added white icing to the top – then used this to stick on a white marshmallow with a Storm Trooper drawn onto it with black cake felts.

Star Wars Party Food and Drink Names

I then decided on what food and drink to have at the party dependent on whether it could have an attached Star Wars name. Here is what I found or we created:

  • Luke Sky-Water for the water. Our teen said we should have used Luke Sky-Walkers and had crisps instead.
  • Wookiee Cookies – our younger teen made these not knowing the name behind them. He said they would have been better to be chocolate flavoured.
  • Sith Slices – Slices of pizza. I have no idea how accurate this is but our son wanted pizza and when I saw this name online I thought ah perfect!
Star Wars Party Food ideas - Sith Slices for Pizza
  • BB8 Cheese Balls – I have to admit I didn’t actually get around to making these!
  • Mudhorn Eggs – these were egg-shaped chocolate rice cakes. Well they were meant to be. I couldn’t even remember how to get them to stick together properly! Again that didn’t stop them being enjoyed!
  • Mando’s Munchies – was popcorn.
  • Spotchka – this was blue Fanta. The blue liquid was a beverage that could be created from Krill.
  • Mandalorian Mandarins – because our teen loves oranges. We tried to come up with a name that combined the two like Mandalorines but it was decided to keep them as two words.
  • Grape Light Sabers – I threaded both green and red grapes onto skewers and wrapped the ends in foil.
Grape Sabers - Star Wars party food ideas

Star Wars Party Sweets

  • Solid Spotchka – following on from the Spotchka drink idea, I treated them to some blue sweets – and thought it could be just solid Spotchka!
  • Beskar – also known as Mandalorian iron! Used for the armour. I simply bought blocks of fudge and wrapped them in foil.
  • Hans Rolos – who doesn’t love Rolos. My boys pointed out that these should have had an apostrophe!
  • Whistling Birds – hands up I had seen this on many a post and it looked like “sweets” so I went with snowies. After looking up Whistling Birds it appeared that this really didn’t fit the Star Wars theme at all – but they were enjoyed!
Star Wars Sweets with related names for a Star Wars Party

Star Wars Party Table Decorations

As well as the peg board (with the Baby Yoda quote); the theme coloured table cloth; plates, bowls, etc, and the food/drink signs – we finished off by adding some Star Wars toys (namely Storm Troopers and his new Baby Yoda Plush) and his Star Wars birthday card (which doubled as a build your own Baby Yoda).

Build your own Yoda Card

I hope you have enjoyed the ideas from our Star Wars Party. We all enjoyed it so much we are doing it again on May 4th (May the Fourth by with you).

Have you had a Star Wars Party? I would love to hear about other ideas. If you have a Star Wars related blog post let me know and I will pin it to my Star Wars Party Pinterest board!

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