Inspirational Runners: Hilda’s Story #GetOutdoors

What I love most about running is that it is accessible to a lot of people. But how we approach it and what we do with it varies greatly. I want to share as many stories as possible because even if you do not think you are inspirational someone else will. Runners stories can help motivate and encourage others and that’s why I really like to hear them.

No Marathon, no races, not even a single Park Run!  No fancy dress fund raisers and no major health battles. Is this even a story?! (edit by Joy, yes indeed it is!)

Hilda Runner inspirational story

The first time I attempted the run to the end of Woodale.  One of my favourite routes that I run regularly now but at around 10km circular and isolated I had to be fairly confident the first time I did it so it felt like a major achievement.  So beautiful there!

Complete respect to anyone who does any or all of those things.  This is just a tale of a middle aged loner who likes spending time outdoors and what I’ve gained from running in my own way.

Hilda’s Running Story

I took up running at 46 using the couch to 5k app.  At school it was the greatest torture and I honestly didn’t know how it would work.  I like challenging myself in lots of different ways though and staying healthy is of massive importance to me.

I’ve had issues with back pain and want to keep my body strong and healthy so that I can minimise future aches and pains.  I struggled every inch of the way with the couch to 5k but I did as I was told, followed the app and chatted on the forum for support which is really lovely and very helpful.

After graduating I didn’t follow any set plan but gradually built up my distance and stamina and now I’m generally running around 10km+ 3 times a week. 

Hilda’s Motivation

I know people like the support of other people and races and challenges to keep them going.  For me the motivation comes from within and I have no problem in finding the enthusiasm for new challenges.

Hilda running through nature
A frosty day admiring the highland cattle as I passed.  The remainder of this path is rocky and covered in cow pats and mud and suprisingly good fun haha!

I have gained so much along the way from running and I feel it’s a life changer.  The initial running made me feel mentally and physically so much better.  I also gained confidence from hiding away at the start, to running through the high street without a care in the world.  

Running for Strength

I have worked through some aches and pains along the way including a long standing hip pain where I had an x ray and went for physio.  This turned out to be a really positive experience as I learned how to fix myself with exercises that I’m still keeping up with now to build up core body strength.  Each new ache has been a chance to find an exercise to cure it and I really feel that my body is now the strongest and healthiest it has ever been.  I feel like I’ve learned valuable lessons to look after my body as I get older.

Running to Enjoy the Outdoors

When I go running I avoid pavements and head out over fields, woods, valleys, moors.  I can totally lose myself in my surroundings and enjoy nature.  I’ve always loved being outdoors and this is a wonderful way of doing it.  The variety and the chance to be in my favourite places adds to the motivation because the further I can run the more I get to see and the longer I get to stay out!  I don’t bother with music any more and listen to the birds instead and enjoy my own quiet time.

Hilda running for adventure
My recent adventure up on the moorland and my stupidly happy face at being there and doing my adventure after spending days thinking about it!

Running Can Fix things

I feel that many things can be fixed by going for a run.  Chronic lethargy…go and run up a hill.  Mentally low…go and run up a hill, then somewhere gorgeous.  Aches and pains…go and run slowly and carefully and walk whenever you need to.  You always feel better afterwards.  Trying to tackle a hill is a good challenge for mental strength and even if you can’t manage it the first time it sure does feel fantastic when you go back the next time and make it!  Also when you’re focusing on these things you can switch off from the world which is a really healthy thing!

I’m lucky to live in the Peak District with such beautiful surroundings on the doorstep and also as a lone woman runner I can honestly say I have never felt unsafe which I am very appreciative of.

I recently ventured up onto the moorland for the first time as I felt ready for the challenge.  It was amazing!  So my current motivation is coming from a desire to get back up there again.  I also saw 4 crows sitting on the back of a lovely big black fluffy highland bull last week so I am tempted to keep heading back that way to see them again.  

2 thoughts on “Inspirational Runners: Hilda’s Story #GetOutdoors”

  1. What a lovely story. How brilliant that she found running a bit later in life and it had these positive effects. It’s nice to read about someone who isn’t motivated by races too.
    Although I am strictly a road runner, I can totally relate to what she’s saying about finding the motivation and enthusiasm from within and not needing other people while running.

  2. Brilliant, I run for my mind, and my greatest joy is up on the Peak Trail, though mostly I am a canalside runner locally. Mindful running, being in the moment, its amazing


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