Star Badges


Some days you just want a simple activity to keep the kids entertained. What I love about this Star Badge Craft is that it is so versatile. We made them for their Dad for his birthday, but could easily have been applied to Father’s day, as a Christmas Craft, or even a Teacher leaving gift (star teacher).


The materials we used were also ones we already had in the home. We recycled a cereal box for the card and any manner of bits of coloured paper, netted oranges bag, packaging, etc can be used to decorate them.


We simply drew a star shape onto the card (I am not a very good drawer so actually printed off one from Google images, cut that out, and then drew around that).


We cut them out (the youngest even had a go at cutting under supervision) – which is good for their hand-eye coordination and control.


Then simply stick on whatever design you like (this is the bit where I just throw some crafty bits onto the table and grab a cuppa).


You can use glue sticks or that nice messy glue (that I used to have at school as a kid, and I find sticks things better). You can, of course, also write a message– No.1 Teacher, Star Teacher, No.1 Mum, Merry Christmas, etc, at this point.


Then once it has dried, simply turn it over and attach a safety-pin to the back. This activity was good because it also spanned over the variety of age groups my boys have


 and of course you’re not limited to using a star shape.

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