Birthday help in the Pandemic from Moonpig

This post is published because of a gifting opportunity.

Having a birthday during a pandemic is hard but particularly so if it is a special birthday. Our son turns 17 this month and the corona virus has changed everything about our plans to make it special. We were at a bit of a loss as to what to do so were grateful that Moonpig stepped in to help us out.

Chocolate hamper from Moonpig

Turning 17 in a Pandemic

17 may not seem a big deal to some but I still remember mine and how much of a big deal it really was. It is a hard enough age as it is, suddenly decisions have to be made about being an adult and your whole future (see the A-level dilemma)., without all the problems of the current situation. The 17th birthday always seemed so well mapped out, an easy buy for parents; for us it is the obvious choice because finally they are old enough to gain their driver’s licence. Our boys have even had previous lessons with Young Driver to prepare them for just this moment.

Driving Lessons with Young Driver™

The Problem

I know our son would no longer want driving lessons because I have talked to him about booking him in for a skiing lesson following his accident. He isn’t worried about getting back on the slopes but in the risk of catching covid-19 so does not want to do it – so there’s no way he is going to sit in close proximity to a stranger in a car when he does not have to. Also his passport has run out and as he is unlikely to travel to another country we have not renewed it, this, coupled with the fact he has not been sent a National Insurance card or even letter, means he does not have what he requires to even apply for a provisional driving licence.

Moonpig to the Rescue

Did you know that Moonpig do not only sell a huge variety of cards but also have gifts also? They have a variety of novelty gifts, games, chocolates, plants, flowers, drinks, experiences, balloons, candles and toys to choose from! Plus if you download the Moonpig app and use code APPFREEWGIFT and it gives you 1 free card when you buy a gift between the July 13th and 17th August 2020.

Moonpig comical card of adult nature

The range of cards is extensive so luckily you can search by a variety of filters or use your own search term. Plus there’s the option to have it delivered to you with a spare envelope if you want to give it them in person – or obviously have it sent direct. There’s also a range of sizes, which you can play about at the checkout.

Moonpig Sweet Hamper

Our teen is very much into the sugary stuff so we opted for the chocolate and retro sweet hampers, and what boy wouldn’t enjoy a book that contains poo in the title! We also went with a bit of an adult card, to show that we know he’s growing up! Delivery was quick and I was impressed by the quality.

Moonpig gifted the items in this post, but words and opinions are honest and my own.

2 thoughts on “Birthday help in the Pandemic from Moonpig”

  1. Happy birthday to your son.
    I think being 17 is a big deal. It was for my teen getting her provisional licence. She’s not had any lessons yet because just as she booked her first one, we went into lockdown. Ugh!
    I would look into the National Insurance thing. They don’t send out cards anymore but she should have got a letter with his number on.
    That hamper looks amazing! My girls would love it x

  2. That is a fantastic hamper! I love Moonpig, I use them all the time for cards and gifts. I’m sorry that your son had an accident that is awful but I understand why he isn’t keen on driving lessons at the moment. We don’t have to worry about this until January with our son, so I am hoping that by then, things might be back to normal. I think it is awful for any kids having birthdays during this pandemic.


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