Chocolate Easter Egg Cakes


 The problem with these cakes is they were so delicious we wanted to keep eating them!


 We always use the all-in-one or I like to call it throw in the bowl mix.

3 eggs, 6oz butter, 4oz castor sugar, 6oz of flour, pinch of baking powder


Then to make them chocolate just throw in some drinking chocolate and whisk


Cook for about 20 minutes on 180 degrees


Then my 5 year old broke up the chocolate into a bowl


I put it in the microwave on a low heat, a few minutes at a time


Taking it out and stirring it before putting it back in for a bit longer


We had a discussion on the chocolate melting – which also involved ice-cream. We established that it is the heat that makes things melt


I also added a bit of icing sugar into the melted chocolate. I added the chocolate and my son the eggs. He wanted 4 different colours on each cake. At the end though it had dried too fast and he couldn’t put the eggs on in time before the chocolate set.

Don’t let anyone tell you that I’m not a pushy parent – here I have the kids counting their eggs before they could eat them.

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