Easter Bunny TRH

We have really got into our Toilet Roll Holder Craft.

With Easter coming up a Bunny was the perfect craft.

Besides which my youngest prefers things that are familiar.


First we mixed red and white paint together.


He has a low attention span and tends to end up just painting his hands.  I’m finding by keep repeating painting TRHs I am managing to slowly increase his concentration so he spends just a little bit longer on the activity.


It is also helping him develop his self-esteem.

Taking more pride in his work.


Look at the concentration.paintinghand

And he does enjoy the feel of the paint on his hands.bunnymaterials So for an Easter Bunny – simply a painted TRH, some googly eyes, a mini pompom and some pipe cleaners – oh and a square of white paper.


Just glue them on. I did use sellotape on the ears.Easyeasterbunnycraft

Viola one TRH Bunny for Easter.

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  1. What a cute bunny and your son looks so “into” making it! I love to read about and see crafts made using recycled or re used objects.


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