Pl-ug – Ultimate Den Kit

In the holidays you want something that can entertain the children. We received a Build Your Own Den – Ultimate Den Kit from Pl-ug – the den experts. I had seen them back in January at The Toy Fair London and just knew they would be perfect for my youngest 3 boys. Recommended from age 5 and upwards the kit allows for different dens to be created pretty much anywhere – indoors and out. You see the secret is in the “pl-ugs” which makes attaching the den together more versatile.  Complete with visual ideas of what objects can be utilised and how each of the pl-ugs works.

Pl-ug ultimate den kit review

The Ultimate Den Kit contains:

X 8 Rods (to build structures)

X 4 Discs (to connect to)

X 2 Clamps (to attach to tables)

X 2 Hooks (for chairs, door handles etc)

X 2 Suckers (for windows)

X 2 Pegs (to knock into the ground)

X 4 Grips (for the sheets)

X 1 Sheet (1.5m/4’11” x 1.5m/4’11”)

X 1 Sign (KEEP OUT).

pl-ug ultimate den kit review

The boys were eager to use it – and I think the blue, yellow and green colours (with white stars) were appealing to my younger two boys (ages 5 and 6 years old) as they are bright and cheerful. However, my 10 year old would have preferred a den that could be more easily camouflaged – with possibly browns and dark greens.

pl-ug ultimate den kit review

I loved how the den kit needed no instruction from me to how to get started (there are some visual instructions on the packaging). Soon my furniture was rearranged and my 5 year old (who also has special needs) was sticking the suckers to the window, whilst his brothers arranged the poles. This was great for helping him to develop his hands, his speech and his team work.

pl-ug ultimate den kit review

The pl-ugs were made of good quality materials so tough and durable. The whole set is waterproof – great if it rains whilst they are outdoors, or it ends up needing a good clean. However, the clamps kept slipping off surfaces which had a lip in them – not quite tightening up enough. This resulted in my 10 year old becoming very frustrated. I actually liked this because it is nice for him to have to think – not just get out of the box and throw it together. He had to think about the best pl-ug for the job, considering whether there were better alternative options, to in achieving what he had set out to do. He also struggled to get the den to stand up straight, stating that it slide about on both carpet and laminate flooring. This is possibly also good for inspiring him to get outdoors and peg it into the ground.

pl-ug ultimate den kit review

Considering that it was so compact and easy to transport, and that the different mean that it easy to find somewhere to put it up we took it on holiday. Indeed we discovered it can be used even in small spaces (but it was more difficult).  We also found that the sheet provided was a bit small (especially in large areas) – but the den can easily be adapted by using a bed sheet, sofa throw etc. The 10 year old also thinks it would be better with more clamps and poles – allowing for a bigger den.

pl-ug ultimate den kit review

We are looking forward to using it outdoors in the summer where I am sure it will be suckered to the patio door and hooked to our trampoline!

 Kits start from £15.00 up to £50.00.

I think it is worth the money if it encourages children to think and get outdoors.

pl-ug ultimate den kit review

I received a free Ultimate Den Kit in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Ooh this looks like a great kit. I love the beautiful starry fabric. If we had something like this we might not have to keep putting the living room back together after T dismantles it for cushions and blankets! x


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