How to Dress your Kids for Less

gruffalo picnic

This is an endorsed partnered post.   Our kids are wonderful. Our kids are inspirational. Our kids are a real blessing to have in our lives. All true, most of the time. There’s one other aspect about our kids that also stands true. Our kids are expensive. And by expensive we mean the hit in … Read more

Secret to Healthy Packed Lunch for Busy Parents

healthy packed lunch

As a parent we all want what’s best for our children but sometimes it is hard to squeeze it all in. I know I struggle and I am able to work flexi-hours from home as my own boss and still find it hard. Whether it is making sure children start the day with a good … Read more

Is it Safe for a Child to have a Mobile at School?

Top Tips for Keeping Your Child Mobile Safe at School

Should Children have Mobile Phones in Schools? As technology becomes more and more prevalent in our children’s lives it is likely that you will come to a point where you consider whether or not to let your child have a mobile phone in school. But with all the safety issues associated with mobile phones in … Read more

Taking Control of Children’s Viewing Habits

Taking Control of Children's Viewing Habits

Let’s be honest children take up a lot of time and you cannot be there all the time to monitor what they do. Sometimes it is good to have a few things around to give you a helping hand and one of the biggest problems parents currently face is that of too much screen time. … Read more

Pl-ug – Ultimate Den Kit

Pl-ug ultimate den kit review

In the holidays you want something that can entertain the children. We received a Build Your Own Den – Ultimate Den Kit from Pl-ug – the den experts. I had seen them back in January at The Toy Fair London and just knew they would be perfect for my youngest 3 boys. Recommended from age … Read more

Entertaining the Kids this Summer Dos and Don’ts List

dos and donts summer kids

With the Sun coming out it’s made me realise that I need to start planning for those long School Summer holidays. With my oldest just taking his A-levels I have learnt a thing or two over the years about surviving those long 6 weeks. Here is a Entertaining the Kids this Summer Dos and Don’ts List: … Read more

A Bug Hunt

 I’m thinking about money saving and environmentally friendly things for families. This week I will share with you our “Bug Hunt,” a great way to get the kids outdoors and helping the kids to consider the environment they live in, and who (or what) they share it with. My very organised friend Kate printed off … Read more

Valentines Cooking & Craft

Simple straw heart Heart stamp made from an empty toilet roll holder. From Found on Paper love Chain Adapted from source Strawberries and Yoghurt – Found on Pinterest (source) Cut hearts into the strawberries, dip in yoghurt, freeze. Chocolate Love Flake Cakes – adapted from ClaireJustine Recipe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Related PostsLove Fun with VegetablesThe Way to a … Read more

Snow Inspired Crafts for Young Children

I love Christmas Activities – it’s something that brings my family together with their varying ages. You can’t go wrong with sweets either! Sweet Snowmen You will need: icing sugar marshmallows curlywurly pieces dolly mixtures strawberry laces or anything else sweet you fancy First take a marshmallow and cover it in icing. Then place another … Read more