How to Dress your Kids for Less

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Our kids are wonderful. Our kids are inspirational. Our kids are a real blessing to have in our lives. All true, most of the time. There’s one other aspect about our kids that also stands true.

Our kids are expensive.

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And by expensive we mean the hit in our pockets on a regular basis, especially where clothes are concerned. No sooner have we bought them one pair of shoes, they then outgrow them. That pair of trousers you purchased? Smart and new, until the kids come back from playing outside (you know you should have told them to put their old stuff on), and there are holes in the knees and mud stains that will be difficult to wash out. Oh, the expense, forced upon you by another trip to your nearest clothes outlet.

But there are ways to dress your kids for less. To save money, consider the following.

  • Don’t worry about being fashionable. When your children are very young, they won’t care what brand of clothing they wear, so resist the urge to treat your child like a fashion doll. They will eventually get to an age when they insist on something that is consistent with the latest trend, but save yourself some money in those early years by buying whatever is affordable, be it from a charity store or the discount section of your local supermarket.Quidco clicksnap
  • Plan ahead. When you spot a bargain, go for it. Even if the clothes are too big, you can still put them away until your child grows into them. When certain clothes become cheaper when each season ends, spend your money. Those woolly jumpers and hat and scarf sets that are sold cheaply when winter ends can be put aside until the air turns chilly again.
  • Shop online. High street sellers usually charge premium prices, much to their detriment, as you can usually find similar outfits online. Save money online by browsing sites such as Shein or Kids-Bargain-World, and take advantage of cheap prices and regular sale items. Sites such as Amazon are also useful, as you can save items in your wishlist and then buy when prices invariably drop. Googling in the items you are looking for will also bring a range of results, giving you the opportunity to seek out the cheapest prices for the clothes you want.gruffalo picnic
  • Use discount codes. There are many popular voucher sites online, such as MyVoucherCodes, who give you codes to purchase discounted items from bigger brands. They are currently offering Schuh voucher codes, for example, so if your kids are in need of some new shoes, or if you are planning ahead, follow the link now. Groupon and DiscountCode are two other sites that we think are worth checking out.
  • Have a clothes party. Get your parenting friends together and swap clothes with each other. While older children will kick up a fuss about hand-me-downs (sometimes), you can still dress your younger children this way. Of course, this is also an opportunity to vary your wardrobe, so make this an opportunity to model and swap each others clothes as well.


Those were our ideas, but if you have found ways to dress your kids for less, be sure to let us know.  Thanks for reading!

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