When was the last time you cleaned that? Shocking truths about places we forget to clean!

I’m pretty sure you’ll have your own housework routine down to a T. Like most of us, we all have our repetitive cleaning schedules which focus on the most offensive parts of the house that seemingly get dirtier than anywhere else… You know, like when the boys seem to totally miss the toilet and get wee all over the floor!!!

cleaning toilet
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Did you know that away from all the cleaning jobs at eye level, you might be missing some of the biggest offenders? These less obvious, and usually hard to reach places, in your home can become an absolute breeding ground for dirt and bacteria to thrive. So, before you do your next big house clean, check out these 5 places we always forget to clean and make sure you add them to your list!

Skirting boards

Skirting boards do a great job of protecting our walls from bumps, scrapes and scuffs of everyday life. But they also double up as a shelf for dust. They not only accumulate their own dust, but also seem to collect the dust you brush off those higher places in your home. You can get skirting board inspiration from skirtings r us. So, next time you’re in cleaning mode, get down low and give all your skirting boards a quick dust down before you vacuum. Doing this will save you having to do a time consuming and arduous deep clean a few months down the line.

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We all know we should be cleaning our pillow cases weekly but did you know that it is recommend that pillows are replaced every 3-6 months? Then there are the throw pillows to consider – the ones we just use for decoration. Just because they are only there to look pretty doesn’t make them exempt from collecting germs and bacteria. They collect as much dust, grime and dead skin cells and any other pillow or cushion – so remember to add them to your pillow washing routine. They’ll look great too!

pillows and throw pillows on bed
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Crumbs, grime, makeup, dirt and all other kids of nasties are usually what you’ll find accumulating in between the crevasses of your computer/laptop keyboards. This also applies to your work computer at the office – if you have one. To stop all those nasty germs spreading all over your hands, give your keyboard a good clean with a cotton bud and maybe invest in some computer/laptop safe cleaning fluids. Every now and then it is a good idea to take it apart and give it a really good clean – especially if you have hair like mine that gets everywhere!

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House plants

House plants don’t have the luxury of the fresh air and rain outside to keep them dust free. Which means even though they’re sitting pretty in the corner of your room, they’re effectively collecting as many dust particles and dead skin cells as your TV. One of the easiest ways to clean you house plants? Give them a quick rinse under the shower – it’ll make them look really fresh and a nice chug of water is good for them too.

house plants in the window
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Door handles

How many times do the door handles in your homes get touched in a day? Probably more times than you realise! Keep the germs at bay by giving them a good wipe down with an antibacterial wipe or spray.

door handle
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Can you think of any other forgotten places that may be harbouring germs in people’s homes?




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